Maintaining a workout regimen is already a challenge in your busy life and now you’ve taken on the delight that is summertime moving. That’s like 2 week of packing and then moving, settling & unpacking. With all of this you will most likely miss out a month’s workout. NOT! Especially when you have us to help you with fitness hacks & home exercises to stay fit come what may.

Fitness Hacks That Will Make Packing More Fun & Help you Stay Fit!

1. Make box hunting a part of your jog or run

Everyone needs boxes for their move, and no one wants to pay for them if they can at all avoid it. While in the packing phase, movers are always on the prowl for boxes from retail places who need to get rid of them. Go for a nice cardio boosting run or jog, and weave your path through retail heavy areas that aren’t so far from home so if you are successful in finding boxes, you don’t have to carry them for a too far. There a fitness hack you thought you didn’t need but actually did. You’re welcome!

Make a fun playlist

Whether it’s podcasts or music, nearly everyone at the gym is listening to something as they work for those often elusive gains. Working out while packing should be no different. Make a cool Pandora station based on motivational songs like Survivor’s “Eye of the Tiger”, or use any of these one hundred song playlists on Spotify found from Fitness Magazine. Your “moving mix” will help keep the blood flowing and apply all the home exercise hacks we have for you here!

Use proper workout form when packing

No one ever got anywhere by skipping leg day, this is known around the world, but if you’re trying to work out while moving, how can you make sure everything stays firm and tight? When packing the kitchen where you have empty cabinets of pots, pans, and canned goods, use a proper squatting technique. Do one item at a time, leaving the box on the floor, keeping your back straight. Now you’re applying one of the best fitness hacks out there and successfully doing squats while packing.
Roomi’s Fitness Hack: Increase the weight with more items if you’re looking to build or many lighter reps to just help you maintain.

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Home Exercise Hacks? Reimagine Chores!

Do reps every time you fill a box or bag! Topping off your moving box and taping it up means it’s time for a HIIT (high-intensity interval training). Consider the weight of the box before you select your workout- safety first and make sure the items packed aren’t fragile. Work your arms and shoulders with an upright row by lifting the box and winging out your elbows. Overhead tricep extensions can be done by lifting the box behind your head, arms at a 90-degree angle, elbows at your ears, and slowly lift the box straight up.
Roomi’s Fitness Hack: Bags with handles make for an easy dumbbell curl. If you typical work muscle groups to failure, try not to, you’re still on a mission to finish packing.

With these tricks, fitting a workout in while packing for your move is entirely possible. Look for opportunities every time you have to lift or bend and you’ll be well on your way to staying fit while meeting your move out deadline.

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