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7 Binge-worthy Netflix Shows

Nothing is more disappointing than finishing a series you love on Netflix. It is discouraging when you scroll through Netflix looking for a new show to get stuck into, and can’t seem to find something that interests you. There are thousands of TV shows and movies on Netflix, so it often feels like we spend more time searching and less time chilling! Feeling stuck and discouraged from Netflix browsing? Look no further! Here are 7 Netflix shows that are Roomi-approved worthy of your next binge.

1. Emily in Paris

This Netflix show is perfect for lovers of comedies and romance! Emily in Paris is a Netflix Original series that was recently released in October. This show follows a young woman named Emily Cooper. Emily is a young and driven twenty-something that works for a marketing firm in the Midwest. She is unexpectedly relocated to Paris and begins to work for a fashion company as a social media guru. This show is perfect if you are looking for something light and charming to watch!

2. Schitt’s Creek

Need a good laugh? Give Schitt’s Creek a try! Schitt’s Creek is a sitcom series that follows the demise of a wealthy family. The Rose family unexpectedly lose all their money and are forced to relocate to Schitt’s Creek, their only remaining asset. The family consists of the father, Johnny Rose, the mother, Moira Rose, and their two spoiled 30-something children, Alexis and David.

3. Unsolved Mysteries

Do you enjoy thrillers and documentaries? Give this show a try! Unsolved Mysteries is a true-crime documentary series that follows various unsolved criminal cases. Each episode in this series follows a different unsolved criminal case. This Netflix Original is full of shocking disappearances, murders, and paranormal encounters. Spooky

4. Dead to Me

Dead to Me is a dark comedy that follows the friendship of two women, Jen and Judy. Jen’s husband has recently passed away tragically from a hit and run and she is left as a single mother to two boys. Jen begins to attend a grief group in order to cope with her loss. She there meets Judy and the two form an unexpected friendship. This series is full of twists and turns and is sure to make you laugh along the way!

5. The Haunting of Hill House

This series is perfect to binge on Halloween! The Haunting of Hill House is both a horror and drama series. This show alternates between flashbacks and present-day events. It follows the lives of 5 adult siblings who grew up together with their mother and father in Hill House. During their time at Hill House, the siblings experience numerous paranormal events, which they carry with them throughout their lives. This show has an intricate plotline and many twists and turns. Keep an eye out for hidden ghosts in the background while you’re watching!

6. Ozark

Enjoy crime series? Ozark is the perfect show for you. Ozark is a Netflix Original crime and thriller series that follows a regular family that mistakenly gets involved with a Mexican drug cartel. Marty Byrde forces his family to move from their home in Chicago to the Ozarks in order to launder money to repay debt to a drug boss. Ozark is the perfect binge-worthy show that is sure to keep you on the edge of your seat.

7. Stranger Things

Another perfect TV show to binge on Halloween! Stranger Things is a drama, sci-fi, and mystery series that takes place in Indiana in the 1980s. When a 12-year-old boy named Will goes missing near a secret government laboratory, his three friends try desperately to find him. They soon encounter mysterious events, unravel government secrets, and befriend an unusual 12-year-old girl.