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Best Places To Take Selfies In NYC

Snag that selfie stick, mount up your camera, and set out for the best places to take selfies in NYC. The Big Apple has plenty of photo ops, and if you just hang around long enough, a photo op will find you. Just one of the many perks of living in one of the most exciting cities in the world. Just a friendly reminder, though, it’s a selfie stick, not a bludgeoning tool for self-defense. So always look both ways before swiping the street.

Empire State Building Observation Deck

If you’re new to New York, this is a must. Yes, it’s a little cliché, but you can get an astounding view of the city right behind you. If your parents are worried about you moving to the Big Apple, this is the best place to put their fears at ease by sending a selfie pic of you sporting your brightest smile with the city of opportunity as the backdrop. Unless, of course, your parents are afraid of heights.

Brooklyn Bridge

If you want to bring more waterfront property and emotionally gripping sunsets into the mix, then head on over to the Brooklyn Bridge and get a shot of the skyline with your smiling mug in it. There are plenty of great shots to be had along the pedestrian walkways. Keep it cool, though. This is not the place to do your personal imitation of King Kong. Two tourists got arrested for climbing out onto a narrow beam and getting a little too adventurous in search of an epic shot.

The Highline Park

The Highline Park is an elevated rail system turned gorgeous walking path. It’s located in the lower section of Manhattan and offers views of the waterfront plus great views of the city. With plenty of native plants growing along the well maintained path, this is a pleasant, natural setting to take a selfie in.

Coney Island

Here’s a place a little more off the beaten path if you’ve already racked up selfies in the more popular NYC areas. Coney Island is a big amusement area with over 50 rides. It’s not owned by one place, like Disneyland. Instead, there’s a bunch of little businesses all operating independently, so it feels more like a bazaar then Six Flags. There is a Ferris wheel on site, which is just screaming for selfies if you can keep it all contained within the safety limits of your seat. There’s never a good time to drop a cell phone. But there are some spectacularly bad ones.

Wall Art And Street Performances

NYC has lots of unexpected photo ops that pop up when you least expect it. You can round the corner and find a masterfully crafted piece of art painted on the side of a wall, just begging for your personal interpretation of awesomeness. While fixed locations have the benefit of being . . . well, fixed, don’t overlook the random events that find you when you’re exploring one of the coolest places on earth.

No time to wait. The next viral internet phenomena could have your face written all over it. Grab your phone and keep courtesy in mind as you travel the city in search of the next big thing to hit the internet since Instagram was invented.

Where do you go for selfies in NYC? Post your comments below.