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Fun NYC Meetup Groups

New York City recently hit a new population high point. 8.5 million peoples. Yup. And the Bronx is growing the fastest. Yet it can be surprisingly tough to meet new people if your schedule is already spoken for. Or maybe you just don’t dig that vibe when everybody knows everyone else. It can make you feel more like you’re trying to get your foot in the door in a company than trying to chill and have a good time. has tons of groups, and it’s less about forming impenetrable cool kid clicks and more about meeting new people, like, all the time. So here’s a few groups you can try covering a variety of interests, from personal to professional. And if you need a wingman, grab your roommate(s) and get them in on it too.

Hudson Valley Hikers

Boasting their status as the most active group in the country, this meetup crew has nearly 30,000 members and is totally, beautifully free. No fees, just great hiking for active people. While based out of the Big Apple, they go all over New York State in search of challenging, fun hikes with gorgeous views to enjoy. They also have some other activities going on, like indoor rock climbing in case you’re really sick of hanging around on the ground all the time.

I Wanted To Do That Just Not Alone

Awesome name, right? This group of nearly 20,000 friends is the very definition of honesty in advertising. The name says it all. They do a variety of events that people would so totally have done themselves if their friends weren’t busy, out of town, or have been absorbed by the couch and become a permanent lump in the upholstery. Urban athletics, not-so-urban athletics, and movies with a view are just a small sample of all the exciting stuff this group has to offer.

Alternative To The Bar Fun Things To Do In NYC

A lot of social stuff in NYC tends to revolve around bars and clubs. But not even close to all of it. If drinking shots all night just isn’t your thing and you’re at a loss for how to meet cool people and hang out, this meetup group has got you covered. A free summer speaker’s session, billiards, comedy clubs, and more await if you want to try something a little different. With over 22,000 people looking to hang out, you’re bound to find something to chat with during whatever off-beat event you attend. And just a heads up, their might be drinks available wherever you happen to go, so they aren’t anti-alcohol, they’re just looking to shake things up a bit.

NY Tech Meetup

If you are a working professional in technology or aspire to be one, then this group is the right move for your career. Formed by NY Tech Alliance, they have networking events to mingle, entrepreneurs giving speeches, venture capitalist visits, and a whole lot more. With over 55,000 people signed up, there will be someone to brainstorm new product ideas with, talk startup funding strategies, and heck, maybe even hire you or vice versa.

Free NYC! Free Things To Do In NYC + Beyond (Or Very Cheap)

The Free NYC meetup group is all about having fun without spending a ton of money. You shouldn’t have to decide between having a good time and having something, anything, in the fridge. Let’s face it. NYC is expensive enough to make anyone in their right mind think twice. But keep your hard earned cash for rent and food, and let this group show you how to have a great time on a budget.

So, grab a roommate, pack a friend, or head out solo on a mission to meet new people this weekend. Don’t wait for people to introduce themselves to you. If there’s one thing NYC loves, it’s a strong initiative.

Do you go to a Meetup group? Which one? How is it? Post your comments below.