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Your Ideal Roommate Match Based on Your Zodiac

Your sun star can tell you a lot more than about your personality traits. Delve a little deeper to discover which sign would make the best roommate for you and why.

Aries– Being a fire sign you may drawn to other strong willed minds like a Leo or Sagittarius. But when it comes to roommates you’re going to need someone who can offset your stubbornness. An easy going Gemini can balance you out while an Aquarius is best suited to deal with your impatience.

Taurus– Many would be lucky to have a reliable roommate like you, Taurus. A Capricorn would make a great housemate as long as you don’t get too possessive.

Gemini– You need someone not too uptight but still orderly. Ideally they could keep up with both sides of your personality. If you like to party and be social Gemini is your best bet. If you like a stylish apartment and late night chats make a Libra your roommate.

Cancer– Being an introvert you prefer a roommate who won’t pry into your everyday where-abouts. A Scorpio would respect your space and enjoy your company.

Leo– The loyal lion will always make friends with their roommate, even accidentally. A Sagittarius would love your energy and sociability, but a Libra would join you on any late night adventure.

Virgo– You may be reserved at first but when you have a strong opinion you present it accordingly. A Capricorn would take the time to get to know you and your lifestyle, while a Taurus would quickly appreciate your creative a sensitive nature. Both signs would make compatible roommates with you, Virgo.

Libra– You  get along with everyone. Your laid back nature is best accepted by other air signs Aquarius and Gemini but if you want a strong bond with your roommate pair up with the social Leo.

Scorpio– You’re a bit secretive and intense, Scorpio but that won’t phase a Pisces roommate. What other signs might consider passive aggressive, a Pisces will accept and appreciate.

Sagittarius– You may be drawn to room with a Libra because you both share an open and talkative nature. But only an Aries can keep up with you and even join you on your excursions through the city.

Capricorn– As a roommate you may come off like a parent at times, even though you only have good intentions. A Virgo is often willing to listen to you. Even though they may not take your advice or direction they are a great match.

Aquarius– Much like your fellow air sign Libra, you get along with everyone so any sign is for the choosing. Lucky you! But if you really want a roommate you can also call friend, go for a Sagittarius. They’re non judgmental and will enjoy peeling back the layers to get to know the real you.

Pisces– You are one of the most giving roommates. A Cancer would never take advantage of your thoughtful nature and would always seek you return the favor. You two make dependable roommates.

The stars are aligned. Next time you find a potential roomie be sure to ask “what’s your sign?”