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What NYC Has That Nowhere Else Does

If it’s one thing you learn while living in NYC it’s that there are so many things that you can experience here that you simply can’t anywhere else in the world. A pizza place may say they have NYC-style pizza, but the truth is that nothing beats an authentic NYC pizza. We’re going to take a look at just a few of the things that NYC has that nowhere else does.


Nothing beats a true Broadway show, and if you’re a New Yorker, it’s easy to take it for granted but be sure to check in often to see what’s showing. Broadway has seen some of the world’s biggest stars pass through it, including Nicole Kidman, Hugh Jackman, and Daniel Radcliffe, so you never know who you’re going to get a chance to see live.

The Statue of Liberty

Overlooking NYC from her post on Liberty Island is the Statue of Liberty. She’s a constant reminder for those living in NYC of the American way of life and the sacrifices that have been made to maintain that way of life. If you haven’t paid the Statue of Liberty a visit yet, be sure to do so as it’s certainly something that you can’t find anywhere else.

Central Park

More than just a green place where you can go on a picnic, NYC’s Central Park is 843 acres of land where you can find the Central Park Zoo and where a number of activities are held throughout the year, including fireworks displays, ice skating, concerts, and sporting events. No matter how long you’ve been living in NYC, there’s always something new and fun to do in Central Park.

Greenwich Village

Known by New Yorkers simply as “the Village,” this neighborhood has meant a lot of things to a lot of people throughout the years. In the 1960’s it was known for being the birthplace of counterculture movements, and now it is known for being the cradle of the LGBT movement. It’s also home to two NYC colleges, the New School and New York University (NYU).

The Metropolitan Art Museum

Most often referred to as “the Met,” this massive museum was first established back in 1870 and has since housed artwork from around the world going back over 5,000 years. Their exhibits can be found in three distinct locations and as they’re always bringing in new exhibits, there’s always something new to see. If you’re living in NYC, getting a membership will let you in for free as often as you want.

Empire State Building

Don’t worry. We didn’t forget this one; we were just saving it for last. After all, it is one of the 7 wonders of the world, and certainly one of the first things that comes to mind when thinking about NYC. This 102-story building is primarily made up of office spaces, but the top 16 levels are the Art Deco towers. If you’re living in NYC and haven’t gone up to the observatory at the top of the Empire State Building by now, what are you waiting for?