When moving to a new city, you take into consideration things like potential job opportunities, affordable housing, and the social scene. While working your dream job may be your top priority, finding ways to enjoy your time off comes in as a tight second. While you may assume you need to jump on a plane and fly across the world to explore, don’t forget about the endless adventures to be had in your backyard. And who better to experience them with than your co-living partner in crime? Baltimore roommates are among the lucky ones, who won’t have to leave town just to get away. Here’s just a short list of how you and your roommate can enjoy an awesome staycation in Charm City. So if you don’t have roommates, it’s time to use a roommate finder in Baltimore. 😉

A staycation for Baltimore roommates

In brief, a staycation refers to a vacation that doesn’t involve traveling. But rather spending time close to home and enjoying local attractions in your own city. It’s the perfect way to embrace a new city or neighborhood. Or even discover the unknown in a place you’ve been in for a while. The charming city of Baltimore has something for friends, lovers, and families to enjoy year-round, all in its very own Inner Harbor. So gather your Baltimore roommates and get ready to enjoy a lovely staycation. And if you’re looking for roommates, get that roommate finder in Baltimore out and search for the person to celebrate staycations!

For the animal lovers

The Inner Harbor is known to most as a port of call for cruise ships. But the Harbor is also a landmark for the city of Baltimore and a major tourist attraction just waiting for locals to enjoy. One of the most popular attractions at the harbor is the National Aquarium. With over 20,000 aquatic animals, there’s surely a creature or two you’ve never seen before. Baltimore roommates will love the aquarium’s newest exhibit, the Living Seashore, which has become the hot spot for guests, says Kate Rowe, Director of Media Relations at The National Aquarium.

“Moreover, this exhibit showcases a mid-Atlantic seashore habitat and features two large touch pools where guests can actually walk up and touch the animals (with proper guidance from our team),” explains Rowe.

Some of the animals in this exhibit include Atlantic stingrays, sea stars, horseshoe crabs, and moon jellies. The staff works hard to create engaging experiences that are inspiring for all guests. So time to take your animal loving Baltimore roommates for the best possible staycation ever!

“From tactile learning in our new touch pool exhibit and fully immersive experiences in our rain forest and Australia exhibits, to our close to 40 daily talks with animal care staff…there’s something for everyone at the Aquarium! It’s a place to build and make connections,” she adds.

Looking for a deal? We’ve got you!

They also offer great deals. Head over any Friday night after 5 p.m. and get the full aquarium experience for half price. That’s right, bring along your Baltimore roommates and that’s a two-for-one special you can enjoy together. You can even make it a double date! The more the merrier, right? Additionally, if you’re bringing along miniature roommates, kids eat free Monday through Thursday at The Hard Rock Cafe. Check out the aquarium’s website for a number of year-round discounts including military, parking and other promotions.

For the food loving Baltimore roommates

If you’re a foodie (especially a seafood lover), you’ve picked one of the coolest cities to settle — and dig — into. Baltimore Ravens Defensive Back Nick Perry says that eating is for sure one of his favorite things to do in Charm City, and there’s rarely a dull moment for Baltimore roommates.

“There’s always something to do. Baltimore is known for its seafood. Their crab cakes are out of this world!” he tells us.

Surprised? Don’t be. Baltimore’s foodie reputation is often overlooked. In fact, Thrillist named it one of the seven most underrated American food cities in 2015, saying Baltimore is a kind of “petri-dish” left to its own instrument.

“It sits there just out of the spotlight until you take off the lid and realize all of the crazy stuff happening inside. The art, music, and food scenes are filled with thriving communities that not only don’t frown on experimentation, but expect it,” Dan Gentile, the article’s author, writes.

Even better? There’s a plethora of farms within a 15-minute drive of downtown. And weekly farmer’s markets to assist the farm-to-table advocates and vegan Baltimore roommates in stocking the fridge.

For the Art and History Buffs

Moreover, for Baltimore roommates who are feeling artsy or are in the mood to learn about history or culture, the city has enough museums to keep you busy and learning for weeks on end.

Just for starters, there’s the Baltimore Museum of Art

The largest museum in Maryland, the BMA has over 90,000 works of art available to you for free, every day. The Matisse collection is especially perfect for modern and contemporary art lovers and includes a state-of-the art lighting showcase.

The Walter’s Art Museum

Celebrating 55 centuries of art from around the world ranging from the Millenium B.C. to the early 20th century, is ideal for the Balitmore roommates more into classic art. Once you’ve roamed the museum and fueled up on inspiration, Walter’s also gives you a chance to make some art of your own on the weekends with their Drop-In Art events. Hey, consider it the perfect opportunity to spruce up the DIY decor for your apartment.

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