You may have seen therecent announcement from Garbothat they will no longer be offering the background check services that are currently being used byRoomi users. Throughout the partnership we have appreciated their support and dedication in helping us provide a safe and secure environment for the Roomi community.

However, change is inevitable, and we understand the importance of continuously improving our services. With that in mind, we are actively searching for a replacement background check service that aligns with our values and commitment to safety. We want to assure our users that their safety and security remain our top priority. While we transition to a new service provider, we will continue to allow the use of existing Garbo credits until August 31, 2023. We believe this will give our users ample time to utilize their remaining credits and ensure a smooth transition.

We understand that the end of a partnership can be disappointing, and we share in that sentiment. However, we are also excited about the opportunity to explore new options and find a background check service that not only meets but exceeds our expectations.

Please bear with us during this transition period, and we promise to keep you updated on any developments regarding the selection of a new background check service. We are committed to providing the highest level of safety and security for our users, and we’ll spare no effort in finding the most suitable replacement. We appreciate the trust our users have placed in us and assure them that their safety and privacy remain our top priority. We will continue searching for a new background check partner and are confident that this change will only lead to better services and enhanced user experiences.

Thank you for your loyal support as we navigate this transition together.