When choosing an apartment, you’ll come across just about everything. Modern, quirky, old, new, odd…and perfect. Out of all the different types of apartments, the two most likely to come up in your search are the 1-bedroom apartment and the studio apartment. Both have a lot in common, with their own distinct advantages and downfalls. Let’s examine studio vs. 1-bedroom apartments so you can decide on the right choice for you.

What is a Studio Apartment?

A studio apartment is designed as a single large room with all you need in one living area. It combines the living room, bedroom, and dining area in open floor space (with no adjoining walls between). That is aside from your bathroom, which is – thankfully – in a separate room.

A studio is an amazing choice for someone who wants to live alone, likes open, airy space, and is looking to save some money off the rent. Additionally, studio apartments don’t need a lot of furniture to feel complete. This makes them pretty perfect for someone who is just starting life on their own.

Here’s a fun fact. While the studio is essentially an open space, the storage space inside it is limited. Okay, maybe it’s not so fun, but if you’re someone with many belongings, you should keep an eye out for studios with larger storage spaces that can take your things.

Also, studio apartments are not ideal for most couples, especially if you need some privacy now and again.

What is a 1-Bedroom Apartment?

A 1-bedroom apartment is carved out by walls into smaller rooms. Your bedroom is a separate room, rather than having a bed in the living space. The kitchen may also be its own room, but some 1-bedroom apartments have an open-plan kitchen and living area.

Generally, 1-bedroom apartments are typically more spacious. Do you like to have friends over, need some privacy or just think you’d go stir-crazy with only one room in the home? A 1-bedroom apartment will be better than a studio apartment for you.

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A Studio vs 1 Bedroom Apartment: Any Difference?

First, in comparing a studio vs 1 bedroom apartment, a defining difference is that the 1-bedroom has a separate bedroom area that is closed off from the living area and kitchen. On the other hand, a studio apartment is a self-contained space that houses everything in a single large room.

What to Consider When Choosing between a Studio and a 1-Bedroom Apartment

Beyond the wall partitions and space cordoning, there are several factors to consider when comparing a studio vs 1 bedroom apartment. Let’s break down all the important stuff.

  1. Price: Getting a studio is cheaper than getting a 1-bedroom apartment because it has less space. You might find that a studio apartment helps you save a few hundred dollars, for a more manageable lifestyle.
  2. Utility bills: Again, more space means more utilities and amenities. More utilities mean more bills for heating, lights, more electrical outlets, etc. You’re likely to incur more utility bills if you decide to stay in a 1-bedroom apartment instead of a studio.
  3. Cleaning and Decorating: It’s always going to be easier to clean an apartment with a smaller space. The same goes with decorating as there’ll be fewer walls to fill up.
  4. Lifestyle: If you like to be on your own or with one other person you’re very comfortable around, a studio apartment might be enough. But if you like to have friends over for dinner, you may need a larger space, making a 1-bedroom apartment a better option.
  5. Occupancy: When more than one person occupies a studio apartment, it can feel cramped. A 1-bedroom apartment offers more in terms of space (both storage and general) and comfort for people.
  6. Remote work: If you work from home, you’ll probably find a studio apartment just doesn’t cut it. It’s not ideal to eat, sleep, work and relax in the same room every day. Especially when you have to do it all from your bed. Alternatively, a 1-bedroom apartment allows you room to move around and catch your breath.
  7. Location: Whatever option you choose between the studio and a one-bedroom apartment, the location will affect the price. Even though studios are generally cheaper, you’ll save money on a one-bedroom apartment if you move away from the action.

So Which is Right for You?

There’s no straight answer to this question. Whether you choose a studio apartment or a 1-bedroom apartment depends on what matters to you. Weigh up your personal preferences, budget and living expectations. Then, you can decide on which of the spaces fits your needs.

Whatever your preference is, the earlier you start your search, the better. Ready to find that suitable studio apartment or one-bedroom in minutes? Let Roomi help you.

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