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How it works
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Complete Your Profile
Let others know your lifestyle preferences, the more info the better!
Browse People or Rooms
On Roomi you can search for roommates just as easily as rooms for rent
Create a Free Listing
It's free to create your first listing and send/receive messages
Prioritize Safety and Time
Upgrade your account to get access to Roomi's safety features and boosted ranking
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Background Checks by Garbo™
Check to see if someone has a history of violent or harmful behavior.
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Verified Badge
On average, ID Verified users receive 5X more messages
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Boosted Search Rankings
Launch your profile or listing to the top of search results
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Better Conversations
Let others know that they’re talking to a real person
Priority Search Ranking
ID verified profiles and listings appear at the top of search results
Faster Matches
Cut through the ambiguity and get straight to the point
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