Co-Living Advice

Should I Become Roommates With My Friend?

Stories are often told of two strangers living together and becoming the best of friends. While it is said friends should avoid living together in order to keep what they have. Let’s take a closer look at this strange phenomena to decide: should I become roommates with my friend? There are three sides to every situation. Lets consider the good, bad, and reality of becoming roommates with your friend.

Pros. No roommate hunt, no awkward first meetings, no roommate interviews. Friends, for the most part, know each other. You understand your friends habits already and you may have experience resolving conflicts with each other. Living with a friend can reduce stress exponentially. You always have someone near who not only knows you, but gets you. There comes a time among roommates where you need favors, or to borrow almond milk until you can make it to the store. Having a friend as a roommate makes the asking part that much easier. Living with a friend is comfortable and makes it twice as easy to maintain your traditional nights of chinese takeout and Netflix originals. What is better than spring rolls and House of Cards…right?

Cons. Oh, how the truest of colors will shine! Three weeks into your new lifestyle living with your friend, you wake up realizing it’s not just the world’s longest sleepover. Facing issues with a friend that you live with can be intimidating. You walk the fine line of commitment over conflict. With a typical roommate, confrontation can be a lot easier to face. After all, you’re not too concerned if a stranger likes you or not. With a friend, it can be tempting to withhold communication around an issue because you don’t want to be another failed attempt at being roommates with a friend. But you’ve watched your leftovers disappear one too many times, and things aren’t looking so good anymore.

Reality. The reality of the situation is you’ll be fine. You friendship will grow in some areas and perhaps suffer in others. It’s 12 months and anything is manageable for ayear. At the very worst the friendship ends when the lease expires, and should that be the case maybe it wasn’t the strongest of bonds anyway. But you’ll most likely just pick up each other’s weird habits and have new found appreciation for one another.