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Best Value Neighborhood Review: Bedford-Stuyvesant

Best Value Neighborhood Review: Bedford-Stuyvesant

Bedford-Stuyvesant, or Bed-Stuy for short, is an exciting place to live. It has a long, rich history behind it and a future of dynamic change in front of it. Based out of Brooklyn, the residents are proud of Bed-Stuy’s strong African-American culture, and it boasts some of the most beautiful brownstone architecture in all of New York City. The buildings have an almost Victorian-era vibe with lots of intricate details in the walls, corners, and windows. While it isn’t first on the list for parks, it offers a lot of affordable, filling, satisfying food if you like hearty meals.

Comfort Food Central

The food scene in Bed-Stuy is a great place to fill up your stomach without emptying your wallet. For some southern style food that draws inspiration from flavors all over the world, try Peaches Hothouse. Started by Ben Grossman and Craig Samuel, they have a really inspiring, humorous, and mouth-watering answer to the question “What is real New York style Barbeque?” At the Hothouse, you can get your fill of southern classics like Creole shrimp and grits, blackened catfish, and fried green tomatoes. Enjoy the warm, inviting atmosphere and take it easy while you catch up with the locals. This place is a little island of southern comfort amidst the NYC crush.

Here’s a good one if you live in NYC but dream of exotic islands surrounded by turquoise oceans. Swell Dive isn’t a rough and tumble dive bar. The swell stands for the rising wave of tropical water, and dive is what you’ll do into the food. With its Caribbean décor and an extensive list of tacos, this place feels like a tropical vacation for your appetite.

Beautiful Architecture

The brownstone architecture is one of Bed-Stuy’s most striking features. Brownstone is a kind of sandstone and New York is famous for it. But even amongst NYC’s rich history and world-class architecture, Bed-Stuy stands out as a prime example. A lot of thought, subtle creativity, and ornamental detail has gone into these gorgeous buildings. A lot of modern architecture embraces a minimalism that can be elegant but easily crosses the line into sterile. Not so with Bed-Stuy’s vibrant community. When discussing Bed-Stuy buildings with your neighbor, you’re more likely to use words like brackets, quoins, fluting, finials, frieze, and cornice branding. And yes. It all looks as beautiful as it sounds.

Exciting And Dynamic Change

Bed-Stuy is growing, changing, and evolving. New restaurants and bars are popping up all the time. Corner store shops and cafes salt and pepper the neighborhood. Bed-Stuy had a pretty rough reputation for a while, it’s true. But the area is definitely gentrifying. The area is attracting more and more people who like a slower paced neighborhood with tree lined streets and lots of history.

With so much to offer, now is the time to move to Bed-Stuy’s historic neighborhood with its comforting food, rich culture, and dynamic change. Bedford-Stuyvesant has an average monthly rent of $1,070 on Check it out and become part of the community!

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