Best Summer Clothes Shopping In NYC

Sandals break, shorts go out of style, and your favorite summer hat gets borrowed once, twice, and it’s gone. Whether you are replacing lost loves or you need a summer clothing do-over, here is a list of the best places to go for summer clothes shopping in NYC. So, guys and gals, take your roommate along, turn it into a weekend outing, and enjoy the free AC.


H&M has tons of summer choices that will keep you cool and stylish. H&M’s practical yet fashionable designs are a testament to the fact that you don’t have to suffer for fashion. They have a complete selection for men, women, and kids. They’ve also got sportswear for anyone running from shade to shade in Central Park. With 1,000 new summer arrival items, there’s bound to be something exciting that you haven’t tried yet. They have 39 locations in NYC alone, so wherever you live, they’ve got a store reasonably close by.

In Support Of

A brick and mortar shop in a meat-packing district might not catch your fancy as a place to go for fashion. But In Support Of is a unique store where up-and-coming fashion designers can showcase their latest designs, and the money goes to various charity organizations and causes. And don’t worry. The meat-packing district is just the origin-story of this heroic fashion center. The store was actually relocated to 250 Elizabeth Street in Nolita in downtown NYC so you won’t have to remember which bag has the cute summer hat and which one has the meatloaf.

Century 21

Century 21 is famous for sample sales and offers greatly discounted prices on a host of summer items. Clothes for men, women, and kids abound. Lots and lots of accessories are up for grabs at prices lower than you might think. They’ve got a surprising number of tech choices too. Film your BFF’s beach misadventure with a new camera or jam to your summer tunes with stylish and comfortable new headphones.

Barney’s New York

If you’re looking for designer goods, try Barney’s in downtown New York. Reopened in 2016, this beautiful store has a restaurant called Fred’s built in. So you can literally shop all day. They cater to women, men, and kids, so nobody has to feel left out. While certainly not the cheapest option on the list by any stretch of the imagination, the style choices are strong and expressive if you’re looking to make a summer statement.

Urban Jungle

Not everyone wants to spend a full month’s rent on an accessory item. Enter the Urban Jungle if you’re financially frugal and looking for something functional and cheap, but wouldn’t mind if a few stylish options crossed your path. Like so many thrift stores, it’s pretty hit or miss when you stalk the jungle, but when you come across a real gem priced at thrift store prices, it’s worth bragging about to your friends.

That covers a lot of different bases, from top end designer clothes to the penny-pincher’s dream store. Use this list for fashionable summer clothes shopping for any budget.

What’s your favorite store for summer clothes shopping in New York City? Post your comments below.