There’s no place quite like The Big Apple! New York City is the perfect spot for young people to live during their 20s and 30s. There’s plenty of job opportunities and countless activities to do to keep you occupied on the weekends. NYC is truly the city that never sleeps!

However, since there’s always something to do in NYC, it can be hard to refrain from spending money on cute clothes or fun outings with friends. It can be tempting to go out to drinks with coworkers after a long work week, even though your budget may not allow it. Since it can be hard to save money when you’re living in such an exciting place, here are a few tips and tricks on how to save a few bucks if you’re living in the neighborhood of Midtown East.

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Get a roommate!

Finding a roomi is a fantastic way to save money as a young person living in Midtown East, or anywhere in NYC for that matter! Sharing space with a roommate will not only help with the cost of living (which can be pricey in Midtown), but it will also help you to get to know others if you’re new to The City. Who knows, you and your new roomi might even become BFFs!

Skip the taxi ride

If you have a long walk to and from work, it can be tempting to splurge on a taxi. Unless you’re running late and it’s absolutely necessary, try walking instead. Not only will walking save you a significant amount of money, it’s also free!

In addition to walking, it’s a good idea to not have your own car in the city if you’re trying to watch your spending. Cost for long-term parking in the city can be expensive, so it’s best to not have your own wheels if you’re looking to save money. Plus, everything essential is at a walkable distance in the city, so there’s really no need for your own car.

Cook at home

With delivery apps at the tip of your fingers, it can be tempting to order from restaurants multiple nights of the week. However, ordering takeout and visiting restaurants (especially in Midtown), can rack up an expensive bill.

Instead of eating out, plan out your week accordingly and cook at home. To make mealtime even easier, meal prep your meals so you have dinner ahead of time in case you had a long day at work.

In addition, if you go to work in-person, make sure to pack your own lunch. Not only will you save time waiting to get your food delivered, but you’ll also save money. Your bank account will thank you later!

Work out at home instead of the gym

Another sneaky way that our bank accounts get drained is through monthly gym fees. Although it’s great to have a gym to work out at, it may not be the most practical purchase if you’re a young person looking to save money. Gyms can be costly, especially in NYC. Plus, in the era of COVID-19, going to the gym may not be the safest option.

Instead of working out at a gym, create your own at-home workout space in order to save money. Invest in a few pieces of gym equipment and Google your favorite workout routines in order to create your own personal gym. Better yet, go outside for a run!

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