How to be a Good Roommate

We are always on the hunt for good roommates but have you ever stopped to ask yourself if you’re one? Often times, as human nature would have it, we hold others to high, sometimes unattainable standards. Before seeking out the world’s coolest and most compatible roommate- become one. Here’s how to be a good roommate.

Be considerate of shared space.

There is no crime in being a naturally messy person. But keep the controlled chaos in your room, where no one can tell you what’s what. In shared space like the kitchen, living room, bathroom, pretty much everywhere outside your bedroom, you have to think of others and maintain cleanliness.

Being considerate of shared space includes the amount of it you consume. If you love decorating the living area with vintage lamps, be sure to ask your roommates if they wanted to add their own flair of creativity. This goes for dishes and other furniture you may bring into the shared space.

Be on time.

Be on time with rent, utilities, and house meetings. Roommates usually have busy and varying schedules, so do your part in being prompt.

Help when you can.

Spot a granola bar or two, a ride to campus, or just some life advice, help your roommates when you can. The favor will likely be returned to you.

Follow your roommate contract.

Especially if you gave the most input in creating it, it’s wise to refer to your roommate contract before you decide to have your boyfriend over for a week. If you need an exception to any house rules always ask formally. Do not run it by your roommates as if they don’t have a say, because they do.

Keep roommates informed of schedule changes and vacation plans.

Keeping roommates in the loop is always a wise decision. Let each other know if you’re going out of town, they’ve been waiting for a good time to bring their parents up so while you’re gone is ideal. Plans are often made around each other’s coming and going so keeping a posted schedule on the fridge with marked changes is the best way to stay informed.

Have contact information.

This includes general cell phone number and email along with emergency contacts. It’s important to know who to contact in case of an emergency someone local is ideal.

Be open.

The best thing to do, even if you fail at all the rest, is to be an open minded roommate. Don’t suffocate others in their own home, embrace different personalities and lifestyles. If you don’t already consider yourself open minded, being a good roommate is a great first step in the right direction.