Learning & education has no bar, whether it’s for professional or personal growth. Professional development helps you stay relevant, especially in today’s ever-evolving workforce that demands a multi-skilled taskforce. While personal growth & finding new hobbies keep you mentally stimulated with a zeal for life. Sometimes our hobbies & personal interests intercede with our job/careers, making us invincible in our careers. This is why we all need to grow & learn continually. So in today’s piece, we will be looking at some awesome educational websites that make learning fun for adults.

What draws adults to learning & education?

The idea of growing, experiencing new things, staying relevant & informed drives adults & professionals to learn. With high competition & job demands, professionals need to stay up-to-date and know more about their industries. So online educational websites & adult learning centers enable these professionals to stay on top of their game. Moreover, with the onset of pandemic and WFH protocols, people are now focusing on personal growth too. This includes indulging in hobbies, learning new forms of art as self-expression & exploring their existing talents.

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Best Educational Websites that let you learn from the comfort of your homes

1. Coursera (One of the best educational websites in 2021)

Credits: Coursera

Chances are that you’ve already heard of this one! Coursera is a free educational website that offers MOOC(Massive Open Online Courses) from well-known universities. Also, the courses contain video lectures that you can explore at your convenience.

Coursera offers plenty of university-level courses that offer specialization and sometimes cost as low as $20 or free.

Here are a few universities Coursera collaborates with:

  • Princeton
  • Berklee
  • Columbia University
  • Caltech
  • Stanford University
  • Johns Hopkins University
  • Yale
  • University of Toronto
  • Indian School of Business

2. Udemy

Talk about a massive online library of courses to browse ranging from paid to absolutely free. The courses range from photography, web development, music to accounting, business, fitness, and much more. You can also view the outline of any class, how long it is and what it entails. This feature enables users to truly understand what they are signing up for and the time they need to invest. Moreover, after purchase, users can save these courses in their library and view them whenever they want.

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3. edX (One of the best educational websites for certification courses)

Another great educational website for free online courses. Thanks to online education, you can now explore new skills at your fingertips. Choose from university-level courses in various disciplines. Ranging from computer science, engineering to languages & data science. edX offers certification of completion to add as a medal on your resume/folio!

The models include a short video with learning exercises and contain a weekly subject sequence. Furthermore, the best part about edX is the ability to learn online with an educational model that replicates on-campus discussions & learning. Who doesn’t want that, especially in our pandemic-stricken reality? Moreover, the platform extends an online discussion forum that allows you to communicate with teaching assistants.

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4. Aquent Gymnasium

Credits: The Gymnasium

This is an education site that’s made solely to fit the needs of digital & creative professionals. Also, this platform aims to help professionals develop new skills to meet the demands of an ever-evolving market. Furthermore, they have courses ranging from coding, UX design, web design, and more.

You can also sign up here to boost your talents, learn practical skills to make your resume stand out.

5. Stanford Online

Credits: Stanford Online

An exceptional educational website for adults that provides learning opportunities through free online courses & degrees. Additionally, the programs offer certification after completion too! Which in our opinion, is a huge win to add to your CV. In fact, you can choose from a wide range of subjects ranging from computer science, AI, arts, medicine, etc. Moreover, Stanford Online has a library of free e-books, webinars & learning material that you can explore at your convenience.

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