When people move to New York, they often set their sights on places like Manhattan. It’s in-your-face famous, and just uttering the word conjures up reruns of hundreds of movies in the imagination. But places like Manhattan are soul-crushingly expensive. Have you considered taking an apartment on rent in Brooklyn instead? Brooklyn apartments offer the tantalizing New York lifestyle you crave and have extra perks you should consider.

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Brooklyn Communities Stick Together

Despite being packed with people, there are parts of New York that can feel surprisingly lonely. Especially if you’re the new kid on the block. No so with Brooklyn. Brooklyn’s reputation for fostering tight-knit communities is well deserved. There is a ton of diversity in Brooklyn, and you’ll actually get the chance to chat with your neighbors. Entrepreneurs, entertainers, restaurant enthusiasts, musicians, mechanics, science geeks, marathon runners, the works. Whoever you are, somewhere in Brooklyn there is a group of people that totally get you.

Plentiful Parks

While the city skyline of New York as viewed from a circling helicopter is certainly dazzling, the view from the ground can get a bit tiresome. Concrete, glass, and brick dominate every angle. If the sky ever fell, you might be the last to know. However, Brooklyn has lots of parks and no shortage of city sights as well. Prospect Park has tons to do, from exercise to barbecues to skating. The Brooklyn Botanical Gardens offers all sorts of opportunities to enjoy plants, flowers, and pick up some gardening tips. Pretty handy since apartments in Brooklyn might actually have a yard. So go ahead. Spread-eagle in the grass and take a breather. Or enjoy a pre-work jog that doesn’t require a respirator to filter car exhaust.

Foodie Enthusiasts, Meet Rising Talent

The greatest thing about finding apartments to rent in Brooklyn is that it is positively overflowing with great places to eat. And since Brooklyn is such a haven for new talent, there’s always a chance you’ll get to enjoy delightful delectables at pre-world-famous prices. There’s an impressive span of choices, too. Cheap eats, fine dining, ethnic foods, you name it. You don’t have to trek all the way to Hell’s Kitchen and pay heart-attack-inducing tourist prices when there are incredible places to eat in your own neighborhood.

Different Neighborhoods For Different Budgets

Brooklyn is a big place, and it’s built out of a lot of smaller neighborhoods. Each one has its own unique spin on New York living, and the cost of apartments and food can vary. For example, on Roomiapp.com, the average monthly rent of Bensonhurst is $850, East Flatbush is going for $975, and Downtown Brooklyn will run you $1,712. Options abound, so check out our listings to see the most up-to-date information on what apartments in Brooklyn are available and who’s looking for a roommate in town.

With such a great track record for tight-knit communities, places to enjoy some open space, and abundant city life options, Brooklyn is a pretty ideal place to call home. Do you live in Brooklyn? What’s your favorite park or restaurant? Post your comments below.

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