Considering a move to New York City? There are probably a thousand and one decisions for you to make. But one of the most important ones is which borough you’re going to move to. A lot of newcomers are stuck choosing between Manhattan and Brooklyn because of their reputations. So which borough is best for you: Brooklyn vs Manhattan? Which comes out on top? Well, that all depends on your personal requirements.

Keep reading if you want to find out whether Brooklyn vs Manhattan is better suited to your needs.

Comparing Brooklyn vs Manhattan


Brooklyn and Manhattan are two different but equally charming boroughs. They’re also both top destinations for people looking for new jobs, career opportunities, and those moving for school. To decide which is better for you between Brooklyn or Manhattan, here are a few things for you to consider:

1.Rental Cost

If you’re gunning for a studio apartment, there’s not much difference in the rental costs in Brooklyn vs Manhattan. In 2019, the medianrent in Manhattanfor a studio apartment was $1848 a month. In Brooklyn, for the same kind of property,the median rentwas $1952.

However, when you start looking at larger apartments, the coin flips, and the cost difference becomes steeper. The rent in Manhattan may be double what it is in Brooklyn. Plus, apartments in Manhattan tend to attract a higher property tax (because they are valued more highly).

Your choice will eventually boil down to the size of your budget and your preferred apartment choice.

2.Type of Building

While some people like the beauty of townhouses, others like the convenience of a condo. When choosing between Manhattan vs Brooklyn, it’s a good idea to decide what kind of housing you want. Sure, you can find all kinds of houses in both boroughs. However, Manhattan is known for its skyscrapers and townhouses. On the other hand, Brooklyn is famous for its loft spaces and cobblestones.

As a result, it will generally be easier to find an apartment in a skyscraper in Manhattan than in Brooklyn. And it’ll likely be easier to get a loft apartment in Brooklyn rather than Manhattan.

3.Cost of Living

The cost of living in Brooklyn vs Manhattan is lower. Whether you’re shopping or dining, living in Manhattan is way more expensive than living in Brooklyn. You have to pay significantly more for the same standard of living.

However, the median income in Manhattan is also higher. This means, if you live and work in the borough, your salary will cover your increased living expenses. So, in the end, it’ll boil down to almost the same cost.

4.Commute Time

How much time are you willing to spend in traffic when you’re going home or to work? Thanks to its huge population and the large numbers of tourists, traffic is heavy in New York.

Between Brooklyn vs Manhattan, the commute time is faster in Manhattan. Not because there is less traffic, but because there are multiple public transport options around the borough. Bear in mind, too, that many of the people that work in Manhattan live in Brooklyn. This contributes to a longer commute time.

But don’t let this put you off if you have your heart set on living in Brooklyn. A lengthier commute gives you time for relaxation, meditation, or catching up on your favorite sitcom!

5.Crime Rate

The crime rate hascontinued to decline in New York Cityover the past two decades. According to Neighborhood Scout, Brooklyn and Manhattan have similar crime scores. This is despite them having different population sizes.

Regardless of where you decide to move to, you’ll want to feel like you are safe. So, here are a few emergency numbers for the city of New York for you to note down:

Police or Fire Emergencies: 911

NYC Information: 311


If you’re as much of a foodie as I am, then you’ll want to choose a borough with great restaurants. Between the two boroughs, Manhattan boasts the best dining halls and restaurants. You’ll be spoiled for choice trying to decide which to choose on your next outing.

But don’t rule out the restaurants in Brooklyn either. With classy customer service, lively atmospheres, and breathtaking views, Brooklyn restaurants have it all. Plus, you can expect to get more varied options for cheaper prices in Brooklyn than in Manhattan.

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7.Quality of Life

Manhattan and Brooklyn are top destinations for people looking for work, schooling, andfun in the Big Apple. And rightly so. The quality of life in both boroughs is very high. But Brooklyn just clinches it. WhileManhattan has a quality of life indexof 107, Brooklyn has aquality of life indexof 136.32.

Clearly,living in Brooklyn has it perks, but so does living in Manhattan. But which one is best for you?

So, Which Borough is Right for You?

Brooklyn bridge, New York

Just do you! Decide what you want as an individual. Then factor in what you need and what your budget is and go for it.

Whichever borough you choose, we’re sure you’ll feel right at home in no time. Besides, geographically speaking, they’re not far apart, so you can still enjoy the best of both boroughs wherever you live.

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