Well, congratulations are in order, you just signed the lease to your first New York apartment! Your dream of living in NYC has finally come true! After all that day-dreaming, hard work, and lots of saving- you finally have the key, literally, to your dream! But since this is New York you’re probably going to have to share an apartment with some stranger you met 20 minutes ago. But let’s not ponder over that! After all, you’re living in NYC, the greatest city in the world!

But before you go falling in love with the city, there are some things you need to keep in mind as a first-time renter, especially when you share an apartment. And we are here to help you with that. Consider us your New York guide who will show you all about making smart choices and investments so can have the perfect NYC life that you always dreamed of!

Living in NYC- Where do I begin?

We get that living in NYC is your dream, even if it means that you have to share an apartment. But before you go signing anything, you should make sure you’ve done thorough research about what neighborhood you want to live in. And this research will have to be a little deeper than just re-watching Friends for the 100th time. Every neighborhood in the city is a world in itself- you need to find a neighborhood that suits your personality.

Of course, since we are your New York guide we will help you understand the personality of each neighborhood a little better. Here is a wonderful page to find out more about each neighborhood in New York. Once you get through the hard task of finding a neighborhood that suits your personality (and your budget), everything else will become easy. Even the fact that you have to share an apartment.

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Roomi Tip– Most buildings demand that your annual income should be at least 40 times the monthly rent. So, prepare yourself for the possibility of having more than one roommate.

Look into short-term rentals

We would not be a good New York guide if we didn’t tell you to at least consider looking into short-term rentals. A short-term rental is basically any place that you will stay for a couple of months just to see what it’s like living in NYC. This is a great way to experience living in a neighborhood of your choice and see if it really fits you. You can also assess who you want to share an apartment with during this stay. We know, the idea of a short lease can be scary for people, after all, you don’t want to keep apartment hunting every two months. But this is an option for first-time renters.

Roomi tip: You can use google for short-term rentals in New York, but to get the real picture, we suggest getting in touch with a real estate agent.

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Get your paperwork in order!

Okay, picture this- you have found the perfect apartment- it’s got everything you want- a big window, spacious kitchen and a bedroom. You’ve even found the perfect person to share an apartment with. But wait, you don’t have any of your paperwork in order. And just like that, all your dreams of living in NYC have gone down the drain. Don’t be a fool, listen to your New York guide and get your paperwork together. Here is a list of paperwork you will need to be able to rent an apartment and start living in NYC!

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Know your rights

As a first-time renter, you are the most vulnerable to being taken advantage of by your landlords. And as your trusted New York guides, we cannot let that happen. It is always good to know what your rights are, but especially so if you’re dealing with NYC real estate. Trust me, living in New York City is not child’s play. As tenants, you and the person you share an apartment with need to know what you can demand from your landlords and what are the services that need to be provided to you. Check out what your rights as a tenant are here.

Pace yourself

Now that you’ve finally moved into your apartment, you’re probably really excited to decorate! After all, this is the most fun part of moving in the first place. Not to mention, this can be a great bonding exercise to do with whoever you share an apartment with. But you should learn to pace yourself. Don’t buy stuff in bulk and put yourself in debt. Instead, buy over time and let your decor reflect the kind of life you’re living in NYC.

With that, your New York guide will take your leave and let you enjoy your new apartment in peace! See you next time!

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