So you’ve finally decided tomove to NYC! Or maybe you’re moving places because of yourannoying roommate, neighbor, landlord, or the ever-increasing prices! No matter what your reason, finding a good and cheap apartment in New York is a feat that takes a toll on everyone. And that’s regardless of how calm you are as a person.

The stressors of finding a cheap apartment in New York are many. First off, you have a big checklist and you want to tick them all.

✔ A good neighbourhood to live in

✔ Finding good roommates

✔ A shared apartment that fits your budget

✔ Theno-fee apartment in New Yorkyou deserve! (if you’re feeling lucky)

And the list might go on, making it even more overwhelming. But don’t worry!

We’re here to give you all the hacks to find shared apartments in NYC easily.

That doesn’t mean you’ll do everything with a smile on your face with these tips. But it’s safe to assume, a straight face will probably be the worst mood you’ll be in.

1. Preparation is key to your apartment in New York

Hunting for a shared apartment in New York isn’t as easy as you’d like it to be. So the simplest, yet most important tip to find a cheap apartment in New York is to do your research well before it’s gone time!

Because let’s get this straight – it’s going to be stressful. So your only cover is to be prepared for the worst instead of stressing out when it happens.

2. Find a short term apartment in New York first

If you’re looking for a cheap apartment in New York, your best bet is to become an insider to the city first.

If you have friends and family to crash with, well, nothing like it!

Experts recommend staying in a short term apartment in New York, like Airbnb, or finding a short term apartment throughtrusted forums. Or if you want to minimize your expenses even further, you can try couch surfing.

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Next step: get to know thefive boroughswhen staying in a short term apartment in New York. And then pick the one that matches your budget and your lifestyle.

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3. Get your documents in order for an apartment in New York

You will need to keep your proof of income or a letter of employment handy. Along with that, your tax returns, bank statement, and credit report. References from past landlords will make your chances better when finding an apartment in New York!

You might also need a guarantor if you make lesser than the landlord’s required income. Or you could offer to pay more security if that settles it.

4. A roommate in need, is a good roommate indeed

Whether you like it or not, the only way to find a cheap apartment in New York is toget a roommate. Roommates also help with the loneliness that may become your shadow in the big city that never sleeps.

Head onto apps and websites that help find the perfect roommateto share rent, bills, and friendship!

5. Resolve all doubts before you say ‘this is the one’!

In this case, no question is a stupid question. Any and every question you have should be resolved.

If you have questions about pets or pests, feel free to pester tenants and building dwellers about each and every detail.

Pretend you’re making anNYC documentaryif you have to. But make sure you ask all questions that come to mind, instead of regretting them later.

6. Don’t think you can leave it and come back to it later

When you’ve found an apartment in New York that matches your budget, your preferences, and when you can sort of imagine yourself living there, you should just go for it. Give in your documents and cheque/security.

Because the thing is, NYC is the place to be! And a thousand other people might be looking for a cheap apartment in New York at the same time as you.

So if you leave something behind, you leave it for good. It won’t wait for you to make up your mind to move in. It will be taken by another New Yorker.