We can’t all be Carrie Bradshaw with the perfect apartment and wardrobe. If you’re reading this, you’re probably tired of searching rooms for rent on Facebook, Craigslist, and Google. The options are aplenty, but you need to be secure in the knowledge that your new temporary home is safe and tailored to your preferences. This is where we come in – at Roomi, our mission is to provide you with safe listings that are aligned with the room of your dreams.So, what makes Roomi the best room finder? Let’s take a look below!

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Roomi vs Rooms for Rent on Facebook: Are They Safe Platforms?

First of all, you want to be sure that the listings you’re viewing are up-to-date, secure, and reportable if necessary, to protect yourself from scams.

What Makes Roomi the Best Room Finder for Credible Listings?

ID Verification:Roomi’s verification process involves providing a copy of your lease, utility bill, or government-issued ID. Similarly, you can check listings from other users to see what kinds of verification they have provided.

However, when you’re searching for rooms for rent on Facebook, anyoneCANcreate a profile without an ID verification, which is not always safe.For instance, since Facebook isn’t designed for room hunting, you will not be able to identify fraudulent profiles or listings from the get-go.

How Is My Data Protected?

Roomi protects your data and information in two significant ways:

  1. Roomi employs the services of a GlobaliD. GlobaliD is a digital identity platform that gives you control over your data. You can use it with any GlobaliD partner and decide who has access to your information. Therefore, this digital identity platform preserves your privacy while letting you take important actions online – such as renting a room.
  2. Roomi allows you to share your listing address on the app, but the exact location isn’t visible.Instead, only an approximate location is shown.

However, when you’re searching for rooms for rent on Facebook, other users will have access to your photographs and information that you’ve chosen to share with your friends.This makes navigating platforms similar to Facebook Marketplace tricky, and potentially dangerous because you never know who is accessing your information and for what purpose.


Meanwhile, you can request the Roomi support team todelete your data by filling a formunder the GDPR rules.

How is Content Moderated?

Roomi’s content moderation team will review a listing if a user violates the community standards.If necessary, they will remove the listing from the app. Meanwhile, pages that allow you to browse rooms for rent on Facebook are not as rigorous when it comes to vetting listings and users.Since anyone can create an account on Facebook Marketplace and post listings, by the time you realize that you’ve been led into a scam, it might already be too late.

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Therefore, Roomi is the best room finder if you want access to safe and credible listings while making sure that your privacy and data are protected.

Roomi vs Rooms for Rent on Facebook: Filtering Rooms by Preferences

When it comes to finding your dream room, you’ll have a checklist for your personal preferences. Do you like a private bathroom? Would you prefer an on-site gym? All of these questions and more allow you to narrow down your search until you put down a deposit for your new home.Below, let’s take a look at how the best room finder compares to searching for rooms for rent on Facebook.


Roomi has a comprehensive checklist to make the search for your perfect room that much easier.Do you want free WiFi? Do you prefer a rental with a security guard?Just tick the boxes!The best room finder has got your back.Meanwhile, when searching for rooms for rent on Facebook, you’ll only be allowed to filter by the number of bedrooms and bathrooms, after which you’ll have to talk to the owner of the listing for a full review.Not only is this process exhausting, but it also cuts into your time, leaving you to contact landlords via Facebook Messenger, which isn’t the most secure platform when there’s money and legal contracts involved.



Subletting is a tricky process because the subtenant signs an agreement with you, as opposed to your landlord. You’re essentially renting out part of your rental to another person while renting from your landlord. Sounds complicated?Don’t worry, Roomi has simplified the process for you! All you have to do is tick the box from the preferences checklist and the listings that allow subletting will appear!On the other hand, while platforms similar to Facebook Marketplace may offer subletting services, you’ll likely be scrolling for a long time to find the rental space you want.

Listing Type

You’ll need to consider your own needs when you’re looking for rooms for rent. If you want privacy, then an entire apartment is the best choice. Or, if you’re moving in with family, sharing a place will save money. Roomi allows you to filter rooms based on three different types of listings:

  • Entire Place
  • Private Room
  • Shared Room

Rooms for rent on Facebook either through groups or Facebook Marketplace allow you to filter through options for apartments, townhouses, houses, and flats. However, these categories are consolidated only on Facebook Marketplace and not in the groups and pages you are part of on Facebook.Without a simple filter option like the best room finder Roomi offers, you will be switching from multiple windows and chats on Facebook, which can become laborious.

Subscription Plans and Safety: Why Should I Choose a Room Finder Over Facebook?

Roomi is the best room finder platform for a reason – from secure in-app messaging to verified listings and users, we have one goal – to help match you with the rental of your dreams!So, how does Roomi protect you while making browsing for homes fun?

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Roomi has two plans:

  • First, the Free Plan, which allows you to sign up and advertise your first two listings for free. Similarly, it is free to search for rental properties.
  • Second, we have the Roomi Gold subscription plan, which offers unlimited in-app messaging and boosts your listing visibility for 7x views!

Searching for rooms for rent on Facebook is also free. However, let’s take a look below at why this service could cost you in the long run:

  • Using Facebook to search for rooms for rent increases the likelihood of coming into contact with fake profiles and scammers. Often, the scammer will ask to communicate outside of Facebook where transactions and messages are not secure.
  • Reviews from users have featured illegitimate rental listings when searching for rooms for rent on Facebook. These phony rentals are either expired, do not exist, or belong to someone else.

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Now, here’s where Roomi Gold comes in. What exactly are you paying for when you subscribe to Roomi’s Gold plan?

  • In-App Messaging:Access to unlimited messages with potential roomies. (On mobile, you also get unlimited swipes!)
  • More Messaging Features:A Fully Verified status upgrade gets you 5x more messages.

Ease of Use: Roomi vs. Facebook

As we’ve seen above, searching for rooms for rent on Facebook can be time-consuming and potentially hazardous for your physical and cyber security. Facebook does not offer the services of ID verification. Furthermore, you’ll find yourself switching between Facebook Marketplace and groups and pages dedicated to room hunts. This process is time-consuming and exhausting for new renters looking for a secure platform to find rentals. However, the best room finder, Roomi, has been designed for secure in-app messaging, safe and credible listings, and making your room hunt easier by offering extensive filter options!

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Roomi is your one-stop option to list or find rooms, find roommates to settle into a new city easily. Download the app and sign up today!

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