‘Tis the season to be creative, and also to say no to deforestation. Why chop down trees when you can get creative and flex that DIY thumb instead? Our collection of waste-free and eco-friendly Christmas tree ideas has something for everyone. So choose some greener ways to get into the festive spirit this year!

“Americans cut down 15,094,678 Christmas trees in 2017, according to the most recent year of data from the U.S. Agriculture Department. Growing all those trees requires about 19.7 square miles of land. That much ground would cover about 50% of Walt Disney World in Orlando, Fla., or 86% of Manhattan.”

– Wall Street Journal

A full of life & color, eco-friendly Christmas tree!

A vibrant tree can brighten any room. This gorgeous ensemble by The Colour File is all about breaking the rules and being creative. Who wouldn’t want to try this?

PS. If you don’t have this particular tree or ornament, you can always try a Bonsai!

Image Credits: The Colour File

A waste-free cactus Christmas Tree!

Evergreen pines are pretty and all but have you ever tried a cactusy twist to your yearly traditions? If not, 2020 is the year, dear. We personally think this bad boy is quite the charmer.

Psst… This is a fake cactus! Learn more about it in this tutorial.

Picture Credits: Sugar and Cloth

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A pompom Christmas tree!

If you’re looking for an unconventional and vibrant Christmas tree, then you have to try this DIY. This pretty ensemble specifically, can also be used as decor after the festivities. Win-win much? Get the tutorial here!

Picture Credits: Aww Sam

A space-saving, green Christmas tree.

Here’s another whimsical DIY decoration for Christmas that you can’t miss. In fact, we recommend grabbing your roomi right away and getting started with this tutorial!

Image Credits: Curbly

White eco-friendly Christmas tree

If you’re someone who doesn’t like the over-the-top use of red and green, then this DIY is for you. Minimalistic, space-saving, waste-free, and an elegant tree that so Instagrammable.

Additionally, for the frosted look, use only white Christmas ornaments!

Inspiration & image credits: Cox & Cox

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Have yourself a Merry Little Christmas with this floating Christmas tree!

Did someone ask for an elegant and refreshing take on conventional decoration for Christmas? For instance, something that hangs from the ceiling?

Flex your DIY thumb with this “floating” tree. Watch the tutorial here! Then go on and snap a few pics for the ‘gram!

Image credits: Bored Panda

A hipster(ish) ladder-inspired holiday tree!

Don’t get us wrong, but this DIY is not for the faint-hearted. It’s for artsy hipsters and quirky peeps who love giving new meanings to ordinary objects. Moreover, If you’re truly smart about it, this could be a huge waste-free Christmas feat!

Image credits – Shelterness

Driftwood eco-friendly Christmas tree!

This one screams warm, cozy, timeless, and rustic. Moreover, it uses things you can pick up on a walk to your nearest garden! To create this charming Christmas tree, use the fallen twigs from your garden or street, arrange by size (short to long), then just secure with a jute thread, add lights, and voila!

Credits: laloleblog

Credits: Christmas Movies To Catch On Netflix This Year: Part 2

A tripod Christmas tree, oh snap.

Call this a lazy photographer’s Christmas tree, but you can’t deny how unique and effortless it is. We truly admire the creativity and craftiness of this Christmas DIY!

Credits: Shelterness

A sweet hardcover eco-friendly Christmas tree!

Do you have a bunch of hardcovers that are collecting dust in the corner? Indeed, this fun DIY is for you! Get the tutorial here!

Don’t know about you, but I’m keeping this one up all year long!

Image Credits: mediatinker

Garland eco-friendly Christmas tree

Another lazy person hack that will cut your Christmas decorations time in half. Essentially, you can choose whichever garland you think suits your home’s vibe the best, then follow up with this whimsical idea! Go on and take a cue from Cakies’ who used felt pompom garland!

Image Credits: Cakies

A dazzling succulent Christmas tree!

Currently the best one on our list so far – so pretty! Get it in a heartbeat, especially if you’re a sucker for succulents! Not only will it look super cute it will also last wayyy longer than a chopped Christmas tree.

Image Credits: Happy bunch from Living Bunch

Unconventional & eco-friendly Christmas tree ideas

A three-in-one tutorial to basically show you the three most stunning DIY trees to try this year! Pick the one that vibes with you the most.

Inspiration & image credits: Lia Griffith–designed tree

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Some other stunning DIY Christmas tree ideas

Image Credits: Almost Makes Perfect
Image Credits: Oh Joy
Image Credits: Free People

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