Okay, this year is FINALLY coming to an end, and aren’t we all grateful for it? So much of this crazy year has been a blur (we might have had a super important election in there at some point?) but most of us have never been more excited to say bye-bye to a year than this one. While this year has been pretty terrible overall, that does not mean we can’t celebrate New Year’s Eve with a bang. In fact, that’s actually more of a reason to celebrate even harder this year.

But the pandemic isn’t over yet, so let’s celebrate this New Year’s Eve the way we’ve spent the majority of this year – camped in our cozy homes with some booze and delish meals.

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Spice up your decor

A New Year’s Eve party isn’t really a party if there aren’t any decorations! The day demands elaborate decor to get everyone in the mood. Bring out those Tik Tok LED lights and your Christmas candles. Get 2021 glasses, and hats and balloons and whatever else that strikes your fancy. You can even pick a wall in your living room and turn it into a DIY photo station. Believe me, you will want pictures from this unique year. So, get out your craft box, you’re going to need it!

Theme party

It’s pretty common for NYE parties to have a theme, it’s a fun way to bond with your friends and get creative with your clothes. This year doesn’t have to be any different! There’s so many themes to choose from- maybe you want to have a 1920s theme party, or a Tiger King theme party (remember that phase of the pandemic? Haha, fun times…) The choice is yours, but maybe pick a theme where everyone gets to wear wigs, because.. Well, because it’s really fun and all of us deserve to have some fun on New Year’s.

Game night!

This is probably one of the few years where you are encouraged to have small gatherings, so take advantage of that. A small party is the perfect way to have a game night. Can you even remember the last time you had a game night with your friends? Exactly. Pull out your board games (or card games, whatever you prefer) and get ready for the funnest night you’ve had all year. Booze plus friends plus board games always equal an interesting time.


One final drink before we launch into Dry January? Many adults will attest to the fact that booze helped most of us get through this year with some sanity still intact. So, just as an ode to this year, pay extra attention to the booze that you serve. Maybe you can come up with a signature cocktail for the party to commemorate 2020. It’s really fun to pretend to be a bartender every once in a while, and this is the perfect opportunity. Get out your jigger and your shaker and get to work on your personalized cocktail… Maybe watch a few YouTube videos first, and don’t go overboard, Roomis!

A delicious meal

A party needs good food. Period. You cannot throw a NYE party without having a thorough plan about what you’re going to serve your guests. You don’t have to go broke trying to impress your friends, but you do need to serve food that is delicious. Here’s the thing: most people don’t want to have a sit-down dinner on New Year’s Eve. Most people want some casual snacks that they can nibble on throughout the evening.

Some great options you can consider are cheese and crackers, chicken wings, chips, samosas – things that you can easily eat without making a mess. You don’t even have to cook. Get some take-out from your favorite local Chinese place and get the party started!

Dance Dance Revolution

Listen, no New Year’s Party is totally complete without everyone dancing by the end of it- the situation demands it. Of course, I’m not saying hire the actual Dance Dance Revolution game (although if you can, that will be AWESOME), but make some space for people to dance at the end of the night. You can also have the New Year countdown here. It’s really special to have every one in one place to ring in the new year. So move some furniture around and make your own temporary dance floor!

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