The sixth-largest city in the San Francisco Bay Area, Hayward is a center of commerce, manufacturing activity, and trade. It’s considered to be the 32nd most populous municipality in California, with over 150,000 residents. And because of its desirability as a business location, it has also earned the nickname ‘Heart of the Bay’. So if you’re planning to move to the heart of the bay, here’s everything you need to know, from average rent to finding cheap rooms for rent in Hayward.

Getting to know Hayward

Originally known as ‘Hayward’s,’ then as ‘Haywood,’ and then again as ‘Haywards’ to finally being called Hayward, this city’s naming history has been as indecisive as it could be. And even now, the origin story of the name isn’t fully agreed on. But most historians believe it was named after William Dutton Hayward who bought land and opened a hotel here in 1852.

A tree city USA since 1986, Hayward also declared itself as a nuclear-free zone in 1987. Add to that, it is also known for Hayward Gay Prom, one of the earliest and longest gay proms in the country. And for hip hop fans, the term ‘hella’ is said to have originated here in the 70s! So, now you know these facts about the city, we’d think it’d be hella cool if you can find rooms for rent in Hayward!

Finding rooms for rent in Hayward

Hayward mostly consists of a large population of young, single and educated career starters. And since its borders touch the ocean, inlets and bays, Hayward is a good chill-out spot too! So if you’re a young person looking for rooms for rent in Hayward, you’ve come to the right place!

Top neighborhoods in Hayward

  • Harder/Tennyson: This neighborhood offers residents an urban-suburban mix with most people renting their homes, as would be expected from young career starters in Hayward city.
  • Jackson Triangle: Aptly named, this is a triangular-shaped neighborhood south of Downtown. With a wide range of rental options, you’ll be able to find cheap rooms for rent in Hayward here. Its proximity to the California State University also makes it an attractive option for renters who want to be near campus.
  • Glen Eden: A suburban neighborhood in California with quiet streets, parks and schools makes Glen Eden a family-friendly neighborhood. Additionally, the Eden Landing Ecological Reserve sits nearby, giving access to wildlife to its residents.

Average rent in Hayward

Rooms For Rent In HaywardAverage Rent
1 Bedroom Apartment for Rent in Hayward$1,306
2 Bedroom Apartment for Rent in Hayward$2,398
3 Bedroom Apartment for Rent in Hayward$3,519

University life in Hayward

Home to a range of colleges and universities with online courses and degrees available, there are many options for students looking for rooms for rent in Hayward. Moreover, the fact that many California teachers come out of Hayward definitely vouches for its promising education standards.

Top universities in and around Hayward:

How transit-friendly is Hayward?

1. Walkability & cycling

With a walk score of 55 in walkabilty, Hayward’s most walkable neighborhoods are Downtown, Burbank and North Hayward. So if that’s your top criteria when finding rooms for rent in Hayward, head straight to these neighborhoods!

Furthermore, in terms of cycling, Hayward has a few bikeable routes, and many trails you’ll enjoy cycling on.

2. Roads& Traffic

The roads that run through Hayward include Interstate 880 (the Nimitz freeway), State Route 92 (Jackson street) and State Route 238 (Mission Boulevard), continuing in the west as the San Mateo-Hayward bridge.

There is one intersection south of downtown, known historically as “Five Flags” thanks to a line of flagpoles located there. This spot is known to be congested for most of the day, so do check Waze before you head here.

You can also find carpooling apps to carpool your way through town with the Bay Area carpool program.

3. Public Transit

The regional rapid transit system, Bay Area Rapid Transit (BART) has two stations in Hayward: one in Downtown, and the other near the Hayward–Union City border with Amtrak providing daily services for the Capitol Corridor train.

Additionally, the AC Transit bus system provides bus services for Alameda County and Contra Costa County. Greyhound bus services also provide intercity and interstate trips.

Cultural activities in Hayward

  • The Douglas Morrisson Theater: Owned and operated by the Hayward Area Recreation and Park District, it is a great venue for live stage entertainment. And the theater, with its 250-seat facility presents plays, musicals and concerts.
  • The University Theater: California State University, East Bay is home to the University Theater that hosts concerts, theater, dance and art shows. It also includes an art gallery and sculpture garden. Similarly, Chabot College also has an art gallery, bands, choirs and a 1,500-seat Performing Arts Center.
  • The Mural Art Program: Created in 2009 to fight the chronic graffiti and blight problem in the City of Hayward, the program is part of the beautification process of Hayward city. So if you’re finding rooms for rent in Hayward, you’ll spot these murals even without trying! Moreover, they make some great Insta-worthy opportunities, we think.

Historical spots in Hayward

  • The McConaghy House Museum: A 12-room farmhouse built in 1886, the McConaghy house is located adjacent to Kennedy Park. The historic site is owned by the Hayward Area Recreation and Park District and operated by the Hayward Area Historical Society.
  • The Hayward Area Historical Society: Constructed in 1867, the Hayward Area Historical Society has moved quite a bit! In 1947 it moved about one mile north, and in 2003 the building was moved again about 400 feet! And after finally standing still, the building was listed on the National Register of Historic Places in 2007. Additionally, the society has a year-long schedule of activities on offer for history buffs!
  • Green Shutter hotel: It was constructed in 1920 and first used as a hotel in 1926, but is now used commercially. It houses the Green Shutter Hotel on the second floor, along with retail businesses on the ground floor, including The Bistro, a pub and music venue. Moreover, the building was listed on the National Register of Historic Places in 2004, and is on the California Register of Historical Resources.

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