If there’s one thing people associate with America, all around the globe, it’s New York City! The most densely populated city in the United States, its geographical and cultural diversity has made it the cultural, financial and media capital, and also, the most photographed city in the world! So if you’re on the lookout for rooms for rent in New York City, first off, make sure you pack a good camera to document your life in NYC!

Getting to know New York City

New York City is situated on one of the largest natural harbors of the world – New York harbor, and is made up of 5 boroughs, namely, Brooklyn, Queens, Manhattan, The Bronx and Staten Island. It also boasts of having the largest foreign population in the world. So if you’re new to the city, you’ll feel right at home, even if you feel alienated.

So let’s help you know all about finding rooms for rent in New York City!

Finding rooms for rent in New York City

If you’re new to the city, our best advice is to find a short term rental before you deep dive into researching the neighborhood that fits your vibe! And when you’re looking for rooms for rent in NYC or NYC studio apartments online, make sure the app you’re using has the best features to make your search easier.

Top Neighborhoods in New York City

No matter how cheap you can go, your highest expenditure in New York City will be rent. So it all falls down to finding a neighborhood that you can imagine calling home when finding rooms for rent in NYC or NYC studio apartments.

However, here are the best neighborhoods in NYC.

  • St. George neighborhood: Located in Staten Island, this is a beach front neighborhood for folks wanting to live near the water with the beach boho vibes.
  • The Bay Ridge neighborhood: Located in Brooklyn, this area offers a small town feel with access to fast paced places to work.
  • The Long Island City neighborhood: Located in Queens, it’s an affordable place to enjoy a thriving arts scene and a waterfront park. And with that, you can enjoy some of the best views of Manhattan too!

Average rent in New York City

Unfortunately, when finding rooms for rent in NYC, broker’s fee tags along, which can go up to 15% of a year’s rent! But don’t worry, go through our guide to finding a no broker fee apartment in NYC before you start researching the neighborhoods. Here’s a breakup of the average rent in New York City.

Rooms in NYC Average Rent
Studio apartment Rent in NYC$,1952
1 Bedroom Rent in NYC $1,768
2 Bedroom Rent in NYC $2,864
3 Bedroom Rent in NYC $3,606
4 Bedroom Rent in NYC $4,468

University life in New York City

We’re not going to lie. As a student, NYC is probably one of the most expensive cities to live in. But as we’ve covered in one of our previous blogs, here’s a guide to the cost of living in NYC for a student, with cost of NYC studio apartments and rooms for rent in NYC.

Average cost of living in NYC

ParticularsAverage Cost
Rent $3,089.42/ month
Travelling $127/ month
Food $3,477/ month
Utilities $63.59/ month
Health Insurance $100/ month

But don’t feel disheartened with these numbers. There’s hacks to get around town and enjoy NYC as a student too!

That said, here’s a list of the best universities in NYC:

How transit friendly is New York City?

If you depend on your two feet, then New York City is super transit friendly. Because you need to walk… a lot! But the funnies aside, NYC boasts of one of the largest subway systems of the world, along with a bus service that allows travel within boroughs, and a commuter rail to connect the main city areas to the suburbs.

Keep the MTA trip planner handy whether you want information on subways, trains or buses.

1. Subways

You wouldn’t believe it, but riding the subway in NYC can be a profound cultural experience that can help you get familiar with all that is characteristic of New York City. Apart from political activism, you can also find musicians and ensembles give performances sanctioned by New York City Transit, under the Music Under New York program, at a few dozen locations throughout the subway system!

So here are all your hacks to the city’s subway system while you find rooms for rent in NYC: Hacks to the subway in NYC we all need.

2. Buses

Public buses are a scenic way to see the City and reach destinations not convenient to a subway stop when looking for rooms for rent in NYC. Additionally, all city buses accept the MetroCard and exact coin change (no pennies or paper money).

3. The Roosevelt Island Tram

The tram can also be accessed by a Metro Card. So even when you’re looking for rooms for rent in NYC, buying a Metro Card is a good option. Moreover, it gives you a beautiful view of the city like no other, from East 60th street and second avenue in Manhattan to Roosevelt island!

4. Taxis

For all information on Taxis when looking for rooms for rent in NYC, head over to the Taxi & Limousine Commission (TLC) website.

In brief, here are some things to keep in mind.

  • Minimum metered fare is $2.50, which increases 50 cents every fifth of a mile or every minute, depending on how fast you’re traveling.
  • All taxis accept cash and credit, debit and prepaid cards.
  • Tip 15–20 percent at the end of a trip; bridge and tunnel tolls are extra and added to the metered fare.

And of course, then there’s services like Uber and Lyft.

5. Cycling

Just about all of NYC is bikeable! The NYC Department of Transportation’s guide to biking in the City and a bicycle is all you need when looking for rooms for rent in NYC

6. Ferries

As a waterfront city, New York is home to an extensive ferry system that can get you uptown or downtown in Manhattan and across the rivers to Staten Island, Brooklyn, Queens and New Jersey.

Cultural activities in New York City

Now that you can get around the city, here are some things to enjoy while you look for rooms for rent in NYC.

And don’t worry about being a tourist in the city. It can be one of the best way to experience New York City.

  • Art lovers, head to The Met museum, MoMa, the American Museum of Natural history to start with.
  • If you’re a word nerd, head to Nuyorican Poets cafe, or the New York Public Library.
  • If you’re eager to check out awe inspiring performances, head to Broadway or the Metropolitan Opera.

Historical spots in New York City

Here are some historical spots you’d love to visit when looking for rooms for rent in NYC.

  • Coney Island Cyclone: Adrenalin junkie? Then you’ll love the first roller coaster in the U.S. The Cyclone covers 3,000 feet of track in just under two minutes, topping out at 60 miles per hour.
  • Empire State building: During your visit, pay special attention to the lobby, restored in 2009 to its original Art Deco design.
  • BLDG 92: Geek out over permanent exhibits on the building of ships such as the Civil War ironclad USS Monitor and the Pearl Harbor casualty USS Arizona.
  • Woolworth Building: Marvel at the Byzantine-inspired mosaic ceiling, Gothic-style bronze tracery and sculptural grotesques on guided tours.

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