Is Disney World and Universal Studios all there is to explore in the City Beautiful? Take a look at all there is to know about finding rooms for rent in Orlando!

Getting to Know Orlando

When thinking of Orlando, it’s hard to imagine people living amidst the chaos of bustling tourists and terrible traffic. However, residents will agree that there is a lot more to the city than its tourist attractions.

A flourishing job market, flourishing music and art scene, no income tax, and the mix of suburban and city life are some of the reasons residents love the city.

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Finding Rooms for Rent in Orlando

Depending on the neighborhood you opt for, rent can be expensive. Whether you opt for studio or a 1-bedroom apartment in Orlando, you may have to find a roommate first.

Top Neighborhoods

  • Downtown Orlando: While even studio apartments in this Orlando neighborhood may be expensive, you will be in the heart of the city. From fine dining options to reaching the business district in minutes, you get to experience an urban lifestyle.
  • Millenia: This up-and-coming neighborhood is the place to check out when you want to find reasonably priced rooms for rent in Orlando. Mall of Millenia provides residents with entertainment, retail and more across 1.2 million sq. Ft.
  • Metro West: Ideal for professionals and families who don’t want to be stuck in a 1-bedroom apartment in Orlando. This neighborhood helps combine business district with community living and offers affordable rental prices.
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Average Rent in Orlando

Rooms in OrlandoAverage Rent
1 Bedroom Apartment$702
2 Bedroom Apartment$1,516
3 Bedroom Apartment$2,034

5. University Life in Orlando

Expensive rent for studio and 1-bedroom apartment in Orlando means that most students opt for University housing, unless they can find a roommate. As a student, you have a lot to explore in Orlando, from Disney World to live music clubs. When you get to live in a city known for its tourist attractions, you can never feel too out of place.

Universities in Orlando to check out:

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How Transit Friendly is Orlando?

While you may be eager to explore the various attractions across the city, getting around can be challenging. Ensure that you find rooms for rent in Orlando that are near bus stops, your workplace or University to save time when traveling. Owning a car is the best way to get around, but be prepared to wait for hours in traffic.

1. Walkability

Unfortunately, Orlando is not the most walkable city, and has a long way to go in catering to pedestrians. Downtown Orlando, Park Avenue and Thornton Park are the most walkable neighborhoods within the city.

2. Roads/traffic

Owning a car is almost mandatory in Orlando, especially if you are renting a room in Orlando, FL, that’s a little farther away from work. Unfortunately, poor traffic conditions will ensure that you spent most of your time stuck on the road than driving to your destination. When you plan on getting anywhere, ensure that you have plenty of time on hand to account for traffic.

3. Taxis in Orlando

Uber and Lyft may be cheaper than Taxi services in Orlando. Ride shares are a great option as well. And if you’re sharing your 1-bedroom apartment in Orlando with a colleague, you can opt for ride shares with them instead of getting a car.

4. Public Transportation in Orlando

LYNX is Orlando’s bus system which offers comprehensive service throughout the city. Ensure that youcheck their schedulebeforehand. Or, if you want to explore Downtown Orlando, you can check theLYMMO schedule,which offers free service in the downtown area. Keep in mind that buses stop their service around midnight, and aren’t an option for those who are planning to stay out till late.

To get around International Drive, it may be worth it to spend onthe I-Ride Trolley Passto view all attractions, shopping malls or visit restaurants with ease.

5. Airports in Orlando

Five airports service the city, so make sure you know which airport will offer you the most convenient trip:

  1. Orlando International Airport
  2. Orlando Sanford International Airport
  3. Melbourne International Airport, Orlando
  4. Daytona Beach International Airport
  5. Orlando Executive Airport

6. Cycling in Orlando

For those who like to take their bike out for a ride, it is important to check all of the biking trails beforehand. Orlando is not cycle-friendly, but it does have 45 miles of protected biking lane. While you may enjoy a nice ride every once in a while, it is not the most reliable mode to get around.

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Restaurants in Orlando

While at first glance it may appear Orlando doesn’t have much to offer apart from the famed treats at Disney World or Universal Studios, you will soon discover that it’s not the case at all. When in Orlando, don’t forget to check out:

Nightlife in Orlando

Whether you’re in the midst of finding rooms to rent in Orlando, FL, or simply visiting for a few days, do not miss out on the amazing nightlife. From live music to magical acts, there is a lot to experience in the city. Take a trip to the International Drive or Downtown Orlando to have the time of your life. Explore the energetic clubs near Lake Eola, visit the famous Improv Comedy Club that helped Robin Williams and Jerry Seinfield rise to fame. Or simply experience the lively ambiance at the House of Blues. Home to Disney World, it’s hard not to have a magical time in the city. Some places check out are:

  1. Universal CityWalk
  2. Wall St. Plaza
  3. Pointe Orlando
  4. Improv Comedy Club

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