Bars have been used for centuries as a means of bringing people together to unwind, celebrate, share big ideas and even protest. They are also a great way to network and find yourself new friends – maybe even a soulmate! This is why bars in Williamsburg, Brooklyn are so popular. It’s no surprise that the city of New York attracts an eclectic mix of individuals from all over the world. The melting pot effect can be extremely invigorating, but it can also make it difficult to meet people with similar interests. Bars in Williamsburg can help you meet others who share your passions and open up a chance to make new friends and connections.

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Bars in Williamsburg

When it comes to NYC nightlife, nothing compares to the hipster haven known as Williamsburg. If you’re looking for a fun place to grab drinks with old friends or meet up with new ones, there are plenty of clubs and bars in Williamsburg. Living in Williamsburg Brooklyn is a vibrant and interesting experience since the place is full of bars and restaurants to keep you busy well into the night. With so many options in such a small space, it’s important to know which places are worth your time and money. Here’s the list of our favorite places to grab drinks and dance the night away!

1. Westlight

Westlight has an industrial-chic decor with a great ambiance and amazing food and drinks! It’s the perfect place for friends to meet up or for couples to go on a date. The menu offers everything from burgers and tacos to pizza and pasta. If you’re in the mood for some cocktails, Westlight serves amazing craft cocktails as well as beer, wine, and other alcoholic beverages.

2. Fresh Kills Bar

Fresh Kills Bar in Williamsburg has a great space with tall ceilings, natural light, and a beautiful interior design that makes for the perfect setting to enjoy a perfectly crafted cocktail. It is one of the best bars in Williamsburg Brooklyn serving some refreshingly original cocktails and delicious bites, which will leave you wanting more!

3. Ba’sik

The quaint building and the casual atmosphere have made Basik a hit, especially amongst the younger crowd. The owners pride themselves on their authenticity and quality of service, as well as their unique take on mixology. They wanted to create a space where people could come together to enjoy a drink while creating lasting memories. Hanging out at Basik is one of the coolest things to do in Williamsburg Brooklyn where you can grab a drink and enjoy one of New York’s best burgers without breaking the bank. The crowd here is pretty laid back and friendly, making it easy to unwind after work or have a casual meal with friends.

4. St. Mazie Bar & Supper Club

For years, St. Mazie Bar & Supper Club has been a staple among the locals and is one of the most known bars in Williamsburg. It is a lively bar with live music which also has an outdoor area for those who want to smoke or dine outside, and it serves food downstairs at its restaurant, too. They feature classics like fried chicken, mac n’ cheese, fish & chips, among other delicious delicacies.

5. Metropolitan

The Metropolitan Bar is one of the most popular gay and straight-friendly bars in Williamsburg, based in the heart of the neighborhood. They have fireplaces and a pool table, which makes for an intimate setting where locals can enjoy drinks all night long – the perfect place to wind down after a long day. One of the most popular features amongst patrons is the pool table, while others take advantage of its fireplaces where they can relax during the colder months.

6. The Commodore

Looking for fun things to do in Williamsburg Brooklyn this weekend? Look no further than The Commodore, an excellent place to grab a drink with friends. This casual eatery serves classic Southern dishes like fried chicken, baked macaroni, and biscuits. It’s perfect for dining with family or friends on any occasion and offers a laid-back environment to enjoy your drink in peace.

7. Union Pool

Union Pool, a hipster dive bar located in the heart of Brooklyn’s Williamsburg neighborhood, prides itself on the fact that they are one of the few bars in Williamsburg to offer live music and an authentic Mexican food truck, all under one roof. The vibe is vibrant and eclectic, and enjoying a fun party at Union Pool is a definite highlight to living in Williamsburg Brooklyn!

8. Spuyten Duyvil

One of the specialty beer bars in Williamsburg, Spuyten Duyvil offers patrons the opportunity to sample some of Belgium’s rarest brews while enjoying a wonderful meal. The selection changes often, but it’s always an exciting adventure. When you walk into the Spuyten Duyvil, you’re instantly transported to a place where the only thing that matters is what you’re drinking and how much fun you have while drinking it!

Bar hopping is an age-old, tried, and tested method for bonding with your roommate. Got the perfect night planned out but still searching for the perfect roomie?