Bars in Brooklyn are just as diverse as its neighborhoods. Here, you’ll find everything from revivalist watering holes to the trendiest menus. After a day of exploring museums, strolling through parks or attending events, kick your night off with some of the quirkiest pubs in Brooklyn. Let’s find out where you can find delicious drinks and mouth-watering food – one of the best things to do in Brooklyn when you’re winding down with friends.

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Exploring the nightlife in Brooklyn

Bars in Brooklyn are not your typical run-of-the-mill spots, with a stiff ambiance with hardly any room for fun. Nope, once you enter a pub in the city, you’ve no other choice but to have a good time. There’s a wide selection of bars in Brooklyn, and each has a unique charm. It’s no wonder that the nightlife in Brooklyn is so exciting, with plenty of pubs and bars to explore. Whether you’re looking for a fascinating drinks menu, good food, or just a chilled vibe, you’ve got it all here.

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1. Stop by the Long Island Bar

Don’t let the retro décor fool you, the drinks on the menu could never be called old-fashioned. Giving mid-century delights a modern spin, The Long Island Bar is a revivalist bar that you’ll love to frequent. Enter the bar for a hit of nostalgia as you sit on a chic vinyl barstool and sip your drink.

2. Enjoy Oyster Happy Hour at the Maison Premiere

Known for having the largest collection of absinthes in Brooklyn, Maison Premiere is not just any old watering hole. Unlike other pubs in Brooklyn, it’s an oyster bar as well. From seafood to absinthe and premium cocktails, you can find it all right here. Try visiting during the Oyster Happy Hour to have some delicious seafood with your coconut-infused spirits.

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3. Enter Grimm Artisanal Ales for an adventure

Grimm's Artisinal

When you’re looking for some unique things to do in Brooklyn and want to try something new, you don’t need to look much further than this brewery. The drinks on its menu can only be described as endlessly experimental. Grimm’s Beer cans are like snowflakes, with different designs for every series, thanks to their ever-rotating roster of talented artists. Drinks, art and a cheerful ambiance… there’s no denying this is one of the best bars in Brooklyn for an exciting night out.

4. Visit Yours, Sincerely to try your hand at mixing drinks

Have your very own mixologist extraordinaire moment when you visit Yours, Sincerely – which is definitely one of the best things to do in Brooklyn. Enter this self-proclaimed cocktail laboratory to make your cocktail or grab a Critical Mass (their Negroni drink), Ionic Bond (a cocktail shot with tequila and Americano) or Swipe Right on the classic Old Fashioned. Their menu has a helpful flowchart to make it easier to select one of their delicious drinks, but if you have the time, why not try them all?

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5. Everything’s hunky-dory at Hunky Dory

Replacing BKW by Brooklyn Winery, Hunky Dory is a female-run bar that prides itself in its sustainable menu. Each cocktail features no more than four ingredients, taking a ‘less is more’ approach, but still packing a punch. It’s not just the flavorful cocktails that’ll keep you coming back for more, but the delectable food as well. Don’t forget to taste their take on green eggs and ham (thank you, Sam-I-Am!).

6. Stop by Erv’s for the best night out

Erv’s on the Beekman has expanded from a hole-in-the-wall spot to a large coffee shop and bar space. For great drinks and an amazing night out with delicious drinks and food, you have to stop by Erv’s. And when you’re dealing with a hangover the next morning? Grab a cup of piping hot coffee here as well! With a friendly ambiance, this coffee shop is the perfect spot to get some work done during the day and to unwind once the sunsets.

7. It’s always 5 PM at Fort Defiance

From brunch until dinner, enter Fort Defiance at any time to enjoy some delicious food and equally delicious drinks. Whether it’s Irish Coffee or a breakfast martini, it’s one of the rare bars in Brooklyn where there’s a drink for every hour. Who said it’s only the nightlife in Brooklyn that’s exciting?

8. Learn all about astrology at the Mood Ring

Mood Ring Brooklyn

An astrology-inspired bar? Where else would you find one, but in Brooklyn? Seat yourself down in the plush velvety booths for the comedy shows, or enjoy the music as you dance the night away, the Mood Ring will surely put you in a happy mood. Nightlife in Brooklyn doesn’t get more interesting than this.

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