The idea of fun has been a slightly precarious topic this past year, but we’ve somehow managed through it. Now with spring on its way, and certain public areas opening at a limited capacity, we’re all finding ourselves a little bit hopeful. For those of you who have found yourselves here, wanting to explore some fun things to do in Manhattan, we have one thing to say. We’ve got you! There’s so much to see in and around New York, that we thought we’d cover the city and all its hidden gems, one borough at a time. So here are some fun things to do in Manhattan, in a single weekend!

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What should I do for fun in Manhattan?!

Visit the oldest artifact in New York City, a hidden gem found in plain sight!

If you’re a history buff, or just someone who appreciates stories and gems that end up lost in time, this one’s completely worth your time!

Hidden in plain sight at Battery Park, is an ancient cannon! This is also believed by some, to be the oldest European artifact in Manhattan, New York. It’s said to be built by European colonizers and not brought over by them. Read more on this ancient cannon here.

Jazz concerts in the crypt of an Upper Manhattan church? Sign me up!

Sure, there are people buried in the walls of this Gothic Era church, but we promise you it has been completely repurposed! If this is enough to make you want to visit this place, we’ve got even better news. Tucked away beneath an elegant and striking block in Hamilton Heights, there’s a rarely seen hallowed space carved from rough stone with perfect acoustics and history thickly hung from every rafter. Simply known as the Crypt, it is a hidden gem of New York City owned by the Church of the Intercession.

This place is also home to Andrew Ousley’s brainchild, Crypt Sessions.

Crypt Sessions feature classical musicians at this wondrous venue, in order to keep the art form alive. So get your phone and laptop out, and get ready to hit refresh with record speed because tickets sell out fast!

If you’re looking for some really fun things to do in Manhattan, get yourself to this hidden sandy beach!

Located in Upper Manhattan’s Swindler’s Cove, this is one of Manhattan’s only beaches!

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Entering through Swindler’s Cove, head towards the waterfront and walk along the metal esplanade that goes over the waterfront. You’ll then come in view of the stunning Peter Jay Sharp Boathouse and then look along the shore here. Head down a small, unmarked dirt path and find yourself a little gem of a nature spot, a glimpse of what the Manhattan shoreline may have (sort of) looked like before urbanization!

Upper Manhattan’s forgotten and abandoned monumental arch!

The Seaman-Drake Arch, also known as the Inwood Arch is a monumental arch, which is now graffiti-ridden but still stands in all its glory.

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The arch is a remnant of a once-wealthy family, whose marble estate was once entered via this monumental arch. According to The New York Times, the Drake family built their estate in 1855 on a hilltop north of the Dyckman family, using marble quarried from a location at the foot of the hill along Broadway.

There’s a 6 ½ Avenue in Midtown Manhattan! New York’s ultimate hidden gem and the only fraction of a street!

This doesn’t just make up for cool party trivia. The 6 ½ Avenue in Midtown Manhattan is also one of the few deviants among the orderly gridlines in this part of the city.

You might have even passed by without knowing you could access them, or you may have passed through one thinking, that you were trespassing. The arcades of Midtown connect one street to another through a building. And they are like the strange children of POPS, aka, the privately owned public spaces in NYC. Another famous example of POPS is Zuccotti Park on Wall Street.

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