So it looks like traditional Halloween activities are pretty much canceled this year. So how do we spend Halloween month now? Just like we’re spending all our days since the pandemic hit: by watching movies! But we’re not watching any random movies, we’re talking about the best horror movies! Because there’s a lot of great scary movies on Netflix right now, it would be shame to not take advantage of it. How else will you welcome Halloween season?!

So, when trick or treating seems risky and out of bounds, here are some of the best horror movies to welcome Halloween!

1. One of the best horror movies: Halloween – John Carpenter, 1978

The list wouldn’t be justified if it didn’t include the Halloween film series, would it? Why? Because it’s one of the best horror movies out there! You cannot welcome Halloween season without this one!

But make sure you shut all your windows and doors before you sit to watch the classic horror movie series because 21-year-old Michael Myers is looking for his next victim!

2. One of the disturbing horror movies: Hereditary – Ari Aster, 2018

This is one of the newer Halloween movies out there. But Ari Aster displays his forte in the genre of ‘disturbing’ with Hereditary! Watch it at your own risk because you’ll be getting nightmares for days after you’ve seen it.

3. One of the greatest horror movies: Get Out – Jordan Peele, 2017

Jordan Peele, comedian, and actor, famous for Key&Peele, shocked audiences worldwide with his directorial debut, Get Out. From racial discrimination to meeting your SO’s parents, it covers all the big and small horrors of society! So be prepared to be at the edge of the seat with fear! But also expect laughter because this one’s a masterpiece!

4. One of the creepiest horror movies: The Conjuring – James Wan, 2013

Based on a terrifying true story, The Conjuring is a horror classic that never fails to give you the creeps. Ed and Lorrain Warren (Carolyn and Roger Perron in real life) are famous paranormal investigators and get haunted by an evil spirit while carrying out an investigation.

5. 28 Days Later – Danny Boyle, 2002

So, any Halloween movie with a virus as the monster right now hits rings a terribly unpleasant bell… But also makes us curious to find out what happens!

28 Days Later features a ‘rage virus’ that wreaks havoc in the world. The horror movie follows a team of survivors as they find themselves amidst the chaos surrounding the aftermath of the deadly virus. Fun stuff, right?

6. A Quiet Place – John Krasinski, 2018

You won’t be able to stay quiet as you watch this horror movie! Because this movie features noise-sensitive creatures that come out to get the main characters of the film if they make a sound. It’s one of the best scary movies on Netflix!

7. Candyman – Bernard Rose, 1992

Another classic horror movie, Candyman, is based on the urban legend of ‘Bloody Mary’ who appears and wants to torment you if you say her name out loud a couple of times. So make sure you don’t have to repeat yourself when you suggest this film to your roomis!

8. The Invisible Man – Leigh Whannel, 2020

Loosely based on the novel by HG wells under the same name, a crazed scientist stalks and terrorizes his ex by becoming invisible. It’s the best movie to welcome Halloween season with because it’s one of the best horror movies out there right now!

9. The Exorcist – William Friedkin, 1973

So, no Halloween movie list is a good one if it doesn’t have The Exorcist in it!

Based on the novel by William Peter Blatty, this classic horror movie follows a mother and two priests as they struggle to relieve a little girl of a demon possessing her body.

10. Us – Jordan Peele, 2019

Another one by Jordan Peele, this horror movie has a strange yet terrifying plot. The Wilson Family, when on vacation in Santa Cruz, is attacked by a family of four. But gradually, the Wilsons realize that the attackers look exactly the same as them.

Spooky indeed!

11. In The Tall Grass – Vincenzo Natali – 2019

In the Tall Grass is based on a novella by Stephen King and Joe Hill. So, this horror movie is about a brother and sister who attempt to rescue a little boy in the tall grass. But they slowly realize they can’t escape either! You need to check this one out!

12. Scream – Wes Craven, 1996

Another classic Halloween horror movie that never fails to entertain, and make us SCREAM! The scream films are a cult classic at this point and you need to check it out!

13. Hubie Halloween

Adam Sandler joins the comedy-horror genre in 2020 with Hubie Halloween. This movie is about a dedicated community volunteer that wants the town of Massachusetts to have a kickass Halloween celebration. But slowly, he finds himself stuck in the midst of a real murder investigation in town. It’s one of the most scary (and funny) movies on Netflix! So, check it out!

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