Born,  bred,  or new to Flushing you’ll soon recognize things about yourself you inherited by living in Queens. It is, after all, the best borough of New York City. Queens has changed a lot and though gentrification has taken its toll,  Queens is still the badass borough it will always be. And yes, there’s more to it than just the Mets and Yankees rivalry! So, you know you live in Queens when…

You take breakfast seriously

With a deli at every corner the options are limitless.  But a true Queensian breakfast is a bacon and egg bagel. Usually the “everything” bagel.

Same goes for lunch

It’s either a Fatboy or a Bushman.

Since we’re talkin eats

Pastrami and pizza operate as their own food groups and you honor that.

Rockaway is all you need in summertime

The nearest beach to queens is worth the dreadfully long ride on the Q.

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You enjoy the view of Manhattan

You keep your distance from the tourist invaded New York City, luckily the view from Queens is stunning.

Everything you need and want is in your borough

Whatever you are lookin’ for, Queens always has more of it at a better price. That’s why most people choose to live in Queens.

You had your spots…

…and at some point in time the Queens Center Mall was one of them. Or anywhere that sold Italian ice.

You also knew where not to go

Clubbing in Astoria is just a no, no. If you live in Queens, you know why.


You will buy your club clothes only in Astoria.

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Safety first

You consider it your civil duty to discourage people from crossing Queens Blvd. hat’s just the duty of every person if they live in Queens. About a dozen pedestrians a year are seriously hurt or worse each in an attempt to dodge the insane traffic and terrible drivers.

You understand just about any accent

Queens is a notorious immigrant destination. So, if you live in Queens, it automatically makes you worldly.  You’ve experienced different food,  cultures,  and languages giving you a tolerant and humble outlook on life.

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You may not be Italian…

…but at some point you were a Guido/Guidette. That’s just what happens when you live in Queens.

You are (not) a Mets fan.

Depends on the time of year. The Mets and Yankees rivalry is not to be taken lightly!

You’ve received someone else’s take out at 3am.

when you live in Queens, it’s not uncommon to have a lost delivery guy show up charging you for fried rice. You kindly have to direct him to 31st Ave. This is 31st Road, not to be confused with 31st Drive. Yea,  good luck.

Queens is huge,  so yes you might get lost but you’ll never forget where you’ve been once you’ve lived in Queens.

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