Introducing fun classes, skill-building workshops, and hobby clubs for adults in New York City! Read on to know where you can go to make your free hours more productive. Through many of them, you can also meet people with similar interests and make new friends.

In our previous part of the article, we told you about NYC meetup groups that could together learn cooking and pottery, participate in birdwatching and explore classes by Brooklyn Brainery.

In this part, discover more hobbies in NYC that match your interests.

New York Urban Professionals Athletic League

If you’re someone who needs some physical exercise in your spare time but doesn’t prefer the gym, check out NY Urban’s basketball and volleyball clubs for athletic activities. Participate in teams with other sports lovers to play serious year-round games. You can form teams and practice together, thus becoming part of a social circle outside of work and your roommates’ circle. Pick your seasons and register on their website.

New York Social Network

The real-time social network of our generation! When he arrived at The Upper West Side in ’97, Dave Cervini found it hard to make new friends in NYC and founded NYSN. Since then, the growing network has been holding regular meetup groups in NYC by organizing activities. These include bowling, scavenger hunts in parks and museums, movies, bar trivia nights, history tours, and more. The gatherings are usually limited to small groups and are a great way to meet people.

The LGBT Community Center

The Center is a safe space for the LGBT+ community where everyone is celebrated, for who they are. Besides offering other services like support, advice, and advocacy, the center also holds events and provides space for the LGBT community. Take a look at their calendar to find which event you want to participate in and meet new people in a safe space. Or rent their spaces to hold your own events through this NYC meetup group!

Start ‘making’ with Make Workshop

Meet wholesome creative people and DIYers even while you learn bragworthy skills like sewing and leathercraft. Make Workshop is a center of creative workshops and hobby clubs in NYC that are also social environments. Hone your dyeing, embroidery, floral design, knitting and crochet, needlepoint, quilting, weaving, and other skills as you learn with experts and interact with other artists.

Park West Camera Club

NYC’s oldest and most active camera and photography club, the Park West Camera Club welcomes all photographers, be they beginners or experienced. Join the club and you can attend programs such as field trips, gallery exhibits, lectures by experts, competitions, and presentations and workshops with fellow photography enthusiasts. Gain access to their discussion forums and resources and interact with photographers with varied interests. Photography is a great hobby in NYC – a city that’s full of subjects!

Volunteer to write with kids

826NYC is a center whose mission is to, in their own words, “encourage the exploration of endless possibility through the power of writing.” Sign up to use your writing skills for guiding kids with creativity, assisting with homework, teaching workshops, and more. Spending this time with kids and exploring creative writing with a different perspective is refreshing in a restless city like NY.

What makes this NYC meetup group more fun is the center is behind Brooklyn Superhero Supply Company, a store for superheroes!

New York Theater Workshop

This is for people who love attending plays. Meet fellow theater enthusiasts at NY Theater Workshop’s 4th Street Bar Association where stage and theater lovers get together to share their perspectives and ideas. Become part of hobby clubs in NYC through which you can also get discounted trips to Broadway shows; and, besides frequent meetups, you can also go on an annual bar crawl through the East Village.

In our next part of the article, learn about some more hobby clubs and NYC meetup groups including book clubs, sports for the LGBT community, science club, and more.

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