New York City is home to many tourist attractions — ranging from museums to parks and aquariums— and is perfect for people who love to try new things or visit new places. If you’re living in NYC, or you’re a curious tourist, and you’re looking for fun things to do this season, then here are the five renowned zoos of the city.


1. The Bronx Zoo

entrance of Bronx Zoo, NYC
Bronx Zoo,

The Bronx Zoo is one of the best places to discover the world of animals. It is the largest urban zoo in the USA, has over 700 species separated according to their respective geographical locations. You will find attractions such as the Children’s Zoo, the Treetop Adventure, a bug-themed carousel, the Butterfly Garden and many more. The best day for you to go is on Wednesdays as general admissions are free all day (not all expenses paid). Consider splitting your trip into two days, as the wonders of the Bronx Zoo can’t be fully experienced in just one day. Remember to stay safe and wear a mask, and have fun with all the animals!

  • COST: Tickets start at $34.95 for ages 13 and above ($24.95 for limited tickets) and $24.95 for ages 3-12 ($16.95 for limited tickets)
  • TIMINGS:10a.m – 5 p.m

2. Central Park Zoo

Central Park Zoo, NYC
Central Park Zoo,

This zoo is home to over 130 animal species and is definitely one of the most fun things to do in NYC. Central Park Zoo offers self-guided tours, where you can fully experience the magic of Central Park. Attractions like the Tisch Children’s Zoo, George Delacorte Musical Clock, the Enchanted Forest and more make this zoo a very popular tourist site. The COVID-19 pandemic has changed some guidelines of the zoo such as the regular wearing of masks, but it’s a perfect place to go and unwind with the family after a long week.

  • TIMINGS: 10a.m – 5p.m ( 5:30 p.m on weekends)
  • COST: Adult (13 & over) – $19.95
    Child (3 – 12) – $14.95.
    Senior (65 & over)-$16.95

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3. Prospect Park Zoo

Prospect Park, NYC
Prospect Park Zoo,

This zoo harbours nearly 400 animals of more than a hundred species. Twin Geoffroy’s marmosets, red pandas, emus, sea lions — you can find these cool animals at home at the Prospect Zoo. If you’re living in NYC, particularly in Brooklyn, then this is a great place to visit. If you love small animals, head to the Hall of Animals to learn about how they live. The Kid’s Zoo, aviary, duck pond and the Discovery Trail are also features of the zoo that will ensure you have a great experience.

  • TIMINGS: 10 a.m – 5 p.m
  • COST: Adult (13 & over) – $9.95; Child (3 – 12) – $6.95; Senior (65 & over) – $7.95

4. The Queens Zoo

The Queens Zoo, NYC
Queens Zoo,

Reviewed by previous visitors as peaceful, clean and serene (what a rhyme!), visiting the Queens Zoo is one of the super fun things to do in NYC. This quaint zoo homes animals like pumas, parrots, alligators and more from North and South America. A lot of tourists and locals feel this is more suitable for little kids, as it is less busy than other zoos in NYC like the Central Park Zoo, and even cheaper. This zoo in NYC is divided into exotic animals and farm animals, with the aviary being a key attraction.

  • TIMINGS: 10 a.m – 5 p.m
  • COST: Adult (13 & over) – $9.95; Child (3 – 12) – $6.95; Senior (65 & over) – $7.95

5.Staten Island Zoo

Fox in a Staten Island Zoo
Staten Island Zoo,

Known as the biggest ‘little’ zoo in America, the Staten Island Zoo is one place you don’t want to miss if you’re living in NYC, or even just visiting. If you’re passionate about wildlife conservation, living in NYC and are looking to explore new animals, then this is a good place to start. Though not as popular as the Bronx Zoo or the Central Park Zoo, it is still an amazing experience. This is one of those zoos in NYC that is home to an aquarium and organizes many fundraising initiatives visitors can get involved in. Attractions like the Amur Leopard Habitat, the Conservation Carousel and the Sahara Exhibit are also available at the Staten Island Zoo.

  • COST: Adults (15-59) – $10.00
    Seniors (60 and over) – $7.00
    Children (3-14) – $6.00
    Children 2 and under – FREE
  • TIMINGS: 10 a.m – 4:45 p.m
Flamingos in a Zoo

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