For many of us, travel is an essential part of our lives. That temporary escape from work and real life, the time to refresh and explore, and obviously to eat as muchcuisinefrom around the world as we possibly can. But the COVID-19 pandemic has taken travel away from us for at least part of this year. And (amongst everything else that COVID has gotten its claws into) it’s got us feeling pretty down. But don’t worry – youwillmake fun travel plans & vacation again! Things are just maybe a little different from the way we know them.

Who better to find out about what we can expect from our first ISO vacation after quarantine than the travel experts at LuggageHero? We collaborated with the global luggage storage solution team to find out what they think is in store for the near future of travel. Can we indeed travel with fun again?

1.How can holidaymakers expectpost-ISO Vacationto be different?

We are sure that there will be a large focus on hygiene. This might make traveling a bit more difficult as there could be more safety procedures in airports and around popular attractions. Be ready for long queues as temperature checks and sanitization measures will be mandated. And some countries may deny entry completely unless you have a certificate to prove you don’t have the virus.

2.Do you think the dreaded COVID test could be something we just have to get used to if we want to see other countries?

Yes, I think so. It’s tough to control it so we’ll likely have to get tested more often. In the future, we might get more proactive by sticking to testing instead of just hoping for no more pandemics in the future. And once a vaccine is available, a certificate of immunity may need to be packed alongside your passport for every trip to show you’ve been vaccinated. 

3.How has the travel industry taken a hit during these times – and will it bounce back?

The travel industry has been badly bruised from this. And it still feels like the pain from the punch won’t go away anytime soon. BUT we are sure the traveling industry will bounce back – though it might look different in the future. Business traveling might be an area of the travel industry that will never bounce back completely, as it seems people have seen the pandemic as a way of utilizing digital tools for remote business meetings.

4.What can travelers do to ensure their first post-iso vacation runs a little smoother? 

Plan ahead! Also, maybe go for a location that won’t be too crowded (Hard to say – we know). And obviously, use LuggageHero so you do not have to carry your luggage around and can explore the sights a little more freely. 

5.How important do you think travel is on the road to recovery? 

It’s highly important for many countries as the travel industry is crucial for many economies’ wellbeing. In general, people should stay optimistic and not be too scared of taking a vacation & traveling. But remember to stay safe by thinking logically and keeping your distance etc.

Who is LuggageHero?

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