The 2020 COVID-19 pandemic left us all shook and reconsidering our life choices. However, today most of us are seizing the day and changing our life statuses to YOLO! With most travel restrictions lifted and the new COVID vaccine in town, the airports are thronged with eager travelers. So if you’re that young professional, college grad, or student who put their travel plans on hold, this perhaps is your chance to push the resume button. Also, traveling and exploring the world doesn’t have to be expensive always. Not if you know how to cut corners and set a low travel budget for your next trip.

How to travel the world on a budget?

If you’re new to the solo travel & wanderlust community, starting slow will be a great starting point for you. Instead, of deep-diving and exploring expensive continents like North America, Europe & Africa. Start with continents that have a cheaper cost of living. Like Southeast Asia & Central America. This is not meant to discourage, rather a great exercise to help you spend less while traveling. There’s a general formula that applies to all low-budget travels. Below are some great tips that can help reduce your expenses while budgeting for your next travel.

Tips to cut expenses from your travel budget

Flights, food, accommodation, and commute hold the major chunk of your travel expenses. Cutting down on these essential expenses will help you achieve your low-budget travel target. Moreover, this budgeting style will let you enjoy more travel destinations and trips. Here’s how it works!

1. Get Cheap Flights

Platforms like Student UniverseSky ScannerGoogle Flights & Skiplagged can help you compare prices & get cheaper flights!

Roomi Tip For Budget Travelers: Always use the incognito mode when looking for cheap flights. And avoid booking tickets for weekends as they tend to be more expensive.

2. Frequent Flyer program(FFP)

Consider this program as a way of thank you from the aviation industry. If you’re a frequent flyer, travel enthusiast, a digital nomad, a content creator – you NEED this!

3. Save money on food & drinks

Planning a long-term trip on a strict travel budget? Then, you must avoid eating and drinking at fancy restaurants every day. Carve out a daily low-budget travel plan out of your total budget. Having a daily limit will prevent you from overspending and exhausting your money. Some cost-effective options include:

?Fresh Produce

Choose from the country’s fresh produce & dairy. Enjoy it while soaking in the scenic beauty of the place you’re visiting. Many countries allow travelers and citizens to drink in parks or on the beach. So pick a local six-pack and enjoy it in the open!

?Cook your meals

Many accommodations offer a common kitchen for guests to prepare their meals.TBH, this is a more cost-effective option in our opinion than eating out.

?Street food

Indulge in the local street food when cooking seems like a cumbersome task. Every place has a unique cuisine which is evident in their street food – so make sure to not miss that experience.

4. Save money on accommodation

Budget-friendly accommodations > luxurious resorts
Waking up to stunning views is the opening chapter of every travel vlogger’s book. However, as a budget-traveler, you need to choose places that will help you save money. Why? Because you will be spending the majority of your day exploring the city. And will only return to your accommodation for rest at night. Some cost-effective options include Hostel WorldCouchsurfingAirbnb & Trusted Housesitters. Some volunteering/daily work opportunities can also help you stay for free in these locations. How awesome is that?

5. Travel in the offseason

The off-season is frankly the best time to take a trip to otherwise expensive cities. Not only will you find cheaper flights but also cheap accommodation which is otherwise quite expensive. This is a helpful tip for all of those looking to create a bullet-proof travel budget.

6. Shop less

Stay clear of splurging on clothes, jewelry & souvenirs. Instead, take photos and make memories that you can later frame and give as presents to your friends & loved ones.

7. Walk more or take the public transport

Taxis can be quite expensive and capable of disrupting your travel budget. So make the best of public transport like buses, subway, and trains to get to different locations within your destination. It’s both a Budget & Eco-friendly option.

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