We’re all scared of something. For some of us, it’s the dark; for others, it’s a surprise apartment inspection. A lot can go wrong if a rental inspection by the landlord doesn’t go well. That being said, this guide will cover what an apartment inspection is, and provide you with an extensive apartment inspection checklist. These inspections can be scary but don’t worry, Roomi’s got you covered!

What is an apartment inspection?

Typically, landlords, maintenance workers and property managers carry out an apartment inspection. It’s a routine check-up to make sure the apartment is in good shape and the tenant is not violating the agreements stated in the lease.

Apartment complex inspections can take place at different intervals, depending on the terms of your lease. On your lease, look for a clause entitled “Right to Entry”. This will tell you about how your landlord performs inspections.

Though landlords are legally allowed to inspect the property, they aren’t supposed to barge in without prior notice. Usually, they need to give a 24-48 hour notice, but this may vary depending on the lease terms or state laws. The landlord may also inform you that the inspection can take place whether you are home or not.

Typically, a landlord is not supposed to conduct “redundant and excessive inspections” . They may be violating the ‘Covenant of Quiet Enjoyment’ clause on your lease which states that you are entitled to have your property undisturbed.

Apartment Inspection Checklist

Most times, landlord property inspections aim to fish out any traces of lease violations. Landlords will check the features of both the exterior and interior of the apartment.

Tenants should point out any issue they may have about the apartment during inspections.

Apartment inspections can be nerve-racking, but if you prepare well beforehand, then everything will go smoothly. Here’s an apartment inspection checklist to guide you in the process.

1. Exterior

Before checking the inside, the landlord will examine the state of the exterior part of the property. These may include doors, windows, garages, balconies, porches, locks, gutters, and roofs. Make sure to check:

  • The windows aren’t cracked or broken
  • The house doors close and lock
  • The gutters are clean
  • The garage doors are functioning well
  • The roof hasn’t been damaged by bad weather
  • The railings on the balconies are still strong

2. Floors

Having dirty floors and carpets will not work in your favor. Landlord: 1, You: 0. Be sure to take care of your floors by sweeping, mopping, and getting rid of carpet stains.

3. Electricity

Make sure that you take care of electrical objects in the home all year round. Electric issues won’t put you in your landlord’s good books during a rental inspection.

This is why it’s important to report things as soon as they break. Clean the HVAC and other appliances regularly to get rid of dust.

4. Appliances

Take good care of your appliances, especially the ones that were provided by the landlord. Keep your fridges, stove, microwave, and other appliances clean, and as usual, report any breakdowns.

5. Bathrooms

A thorough cleaning of your bathroom will help a great deal for an apartment complex inspection. None of us enjoy cleaning the bathroom, but it’s a sure-fire sign of a home that’s looked after.

6. Walls and Ceilings

Did you cover up some holes in the walls with picture frames? This doesn’t look great – especially if you eventually decide to move out.

Make an effort to patch up all the holes on your walls. Clean your ceilings by dusting them with brooms to get rid of dust, cobwebs, and debris.

7. Pets Damage/ Illegal Pets

Before bringing your furry friends to live in your apartment, make sure the lease permits you to. It won’t be a good look for you if your landlord finds out you snuck a pet into the building.

However, if your lease does allow pets, then make sure to clean up any mess they may have made before the inspection.

8. Illegal Co-tenants

Another important part of this apartment inspection checklist is illegal co-tenants. Your landlord will not appreciate you violating the terms of your lease by allowing people to live in your apartment with you. You may have gotten away with it for some time, but it could cost you in the long run.

9. Furniture

If your apartment was furnished before you moved in, then you need to ensure that you keep everything in good shape. Examine the furniture in your apartment to make sure nothing is damaged or missing.

10. Smoke Detector

Every apartment should have a fully functional smoke detector, and you should check if the batteries need to be changed.

11. Kitchen

Let your kitchen be a shining example of hygiene during rental inspections. Make sure to clean all surfaces, and ensure that all kitchen appliances like the oven, stove, refrigerator and dishwashers are working well.

So, there you have it. It’s important that you leave no stone unturned while preparing for an inspection. We also recommend you conduct regular and thorough apartment cleanings so that a surprise inspection will not catch you off guard.

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