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Find Apartments in Los Angeles With 3 Security Deposit Tips

For renters looking to find apartments in Los Angeles, paying a security deposit is a given, as in most other rental markets. However, the amount requested is at the discretion of the landlord, and if you want it back, you better leave the place in the condition it was found. If you’ve rented before, none of this is news to you, but there are some […]

Do You Really Need A Cofounder For Your Startup?

FROM FORBES:  I’m a solo startup founder. When I launched my business, Roomi, I didn’t have the perfect relationship in place to bring on a cofounder, so I simply went it alone. I’ve seen other lone wolf founders like myself, as well as companies with multiple founders – and everything in between. Naturally, there are advantages and challenges to every possible arrangement. Here are some […]

Why Living With Roommates Made Me A Better Entrepreneur

FROM FORBES:  Some founders launch companies out of their garages. Others repurpose a spare bedroom. Me? I built my business while crashing on a friend’s couch. need help with essay writing do my writing go professional writing service to get real writing help At the time, I couldn’t afford to pay rent, but Anup and Chris took me in anyway, no questions asked. Since Anup […]

3 Fears I Learned to Dance With as an Entrepreneur

FROM HUFFINGTON POST:  It was 2014, and I had been rejected by investors for nine months straight. I owed money to my friends, my school, and collection agencies. If I so much as needed something to eat, I’d check my bank balance and wonder, “How am I going to pull this off?” The moment you decide to build a business, you’re choosing the road less-traveled. […]

How To Build Your Network From Scratch As A Startup Founder

FROM INC42:  I always wanted to be the kind of person who eats oysters. The trouble is, they’re slimy, briny, and still alive as you tip their shells into your mouth—just the thought of them used to make my stomach turn. That’s why I developed a little practice called Try It Until You Don’t Hate It Anymore: It took four months of forcing down bivalves, […]

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6 Tips For Expanding Your Startup Internationally

FROM FORBES:  No matter where your startup is based or how big your local market, there’s a whole world out there with billions of potential clients and users. Expanding your startup internationally may be just the growth strategy you need to take your company to the next level. Find out more here.

These startups are betting the house on co-living

When Ajay Yadav first began telling landlords and brokers about his startup Roomi, a sort of Tinder for roommates, he was surprised by how many of them swiped left. The roommate-matching startup’s potential market in New York, where most young people share pads, is huge. And yet Yadav found that real estate executives didn’t see the product as relevant to them. Find out why here.

How to Build the Best Advisor Network for Your Company

FROM INC:  If I’ve learned one lesson as an entrepreneur, it’s this: Know when to ask for help. Founders have to manage all components of their company at once, but the good news is that they don’t have to do it on their own. There’s a reason why Mark Zuckerberg sought out Steve Jobs during Facebook’s early days, or why Google founders Larry Page and […]

How Securing Startup Funding In India Differs From The U.S.

FROM FORBES:  As the startup ecosystem in India continues to take off, it’s interesting to note the unique way Indian entrepreneurs go about their fundraising efforts. Certain patterns are universal in the lifecycle of a typical startup, and specific traits differ based on cultural and local norms. India and the US, two leading nations in tech innovation, are excellent subjects for examining universal elements of international […]