New York City is crazy expensive, but some neighborhoods cheap apartments close to NYC. You can live close by and rent can drop off considerably. Roomi compiled a quick list of several neighborhoods with cheap apartments in NYC and around, under $800 that you can scope out on our site.

It seems like whenever we open our wallets these days, all we hear is crickets chirping. Which sucks, because New York City has so much to do. It’s a shame to miss out on all the events, music, clubs, and restaurants because rent snuck up on you and drained your funds dry. Again.

McGinley Square: $500 (One of the cheap apartments around NYC)

This area is just west of NYC and technically resides in Jersey City, New Jersey. You can end up finding cheap apartments close to NYC with pretty good rents. But it’s a mere twenty-five minute drive to The Big Apple if you take the Holland Tunnel, so big city living is still within your reach. McGinley Square is close to Lincoln Park (the actual park, not the band) and Liberty State Park.

They present nice choices for diversions if you crave a little green. The Liberty Science Center and they’re running a super cool MythBusters exhibit. Just in case you’ve ever been curious if you actually get wetter when chasing down a bus in the rain.

Sandy Hook: $650

Finding cheap apartments close to NYC is as good as cheap apartments in NYC. While Sandy Hook is a solid hour and fifteen minutes from NYC, it’s got something any self-respecting California transplant craves: beaches. One of the closest beaches to New York, Sandy Hook has fishing, swimming, lighthouses, and more. Toss a Frisbee while you race across the sand or saunter up to a snack bar after work. As long as you can deal with the long commute, Sandy Hook offers a lot for the price.

Rosedale: $700

Situated in Queens, Rosedale has some incredibly cheap apartments in NYC for rent considering the easy access to shopping and parks. The Green Acres Mall has all of life’s little necessities plus mounds of goodies you want. While it doesn’t have anything fancy, you won’t have to go far to access mainstream shopping outlets. Idlewild Park and the Hook Creek Wildlife Sanctuary are close by as well. You can enjoy a little stroll with your friends while you scheme up your weekend plans for the big city.

Cypress Hills: $725

Based out of Brooklyn, Cyprus Hills is close to Queens. It’s got a pretty diverse population, accessible transportation options, and no shortage of apartment buildings. Several cemeteries border the north side, so that part of the neighborhood can be quieter with a less obstructed view of the city.

Jamaica: $750

Jamaica New York has a lot of history, accessible transportation, and diversity. It’s an area that has seen a lot of development and is an economic up-and-comer. Extensive effort has been put into gentrification, and while it has cheap apartments for rent now, it might not stay that way. Now is a great time to get on board with this neighborhood before it suffers from a bad case of success and succumbs to a higher cost of living.

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