If you’re planning on moving to NYC, you might be alarmed at the high cost of living. Rent, food, bills, transportation — these factors are crucial for you to consider when moving into a new neighborhood. The great news is that every New York City neighborhood is bursting with character, and you’re in for a world of fun exploring them. NYC also has some of the most transit-friendly neighborhoods in the US, and you can save money with a combo of walking and public transport. This guide contains a list of some of the most walkable neighborhoods in NYC in each borough, with highlights of their transit systems.

1. Manhattan: Hell’s Kitchen

Don’t be put off by its name — Hell’s Kitchen is a generally safe neighborhood. According toWalkScore, Hell’s Kitchen, one of Manhattan’s most talked about neighborhoods, is a Walker’s Paradise, with a score of 99. It is bordered by many great attractions to its north, south, west, and east, including the Hudson River. The walking distance from here to Times Square, grocery stores, subway stops, restaurants, and even colleges is more than manageable.

It has a transit score of 100, and a bike score of 91. This is not a surprise, as the neighborhood bears close proximity with public transportation. Hell’s Kitchen is bounded by the IND Right Avenue Line on the New York City Subway, and many NYC bus routes service the area. There is also easy access to Penn Station, a very popular railroad station, and Port Authority.

2. Brooklyn: Brooklyn Heights

If you’re moving here, you should know that Brooklyn Heights is one of the best neighborhoods in NYC. This stroll-friendly neighborhood has a walk score of 97, a transit score of 100, and a bike score of 85. This neighborhood is perfect for the easy running of errands, as it is close to some of Brooklyn’s best restaurants, grocery stores, parks, and more.

Brooklyn Heights has a world-class public transportation system, as it is serviced by a good number of subway services. MTA Regional Bus Operations bus routes also work around this area. With its extensive public transportation options, residents living in Brooklyn Heights can easily get to Manhattan within 30 minutes.

3. Staten Island: Saint George

Unlike the four other boroughs, Staten Island doesn’t boast of many walkable neighborhoods. However, Saint George is a walkable neighborhood that gives pedestrians good access to nearby amenities, with a walk score of 84. Residents have commended the area’s accessibility to restaurants, stores, and more.

With a transit score of 74, and a bike score of 53, public transportation here is not as convenient as you’d hope, but it’s still better than some other places. The city is home to the St. George Terminal, a multiplex that offers ferry, railway, bus, park, and ride services. The area is also serviced by nearly all Staten Island bus routes.

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4. Queens: Ridgewood

Ridgewood, NYC, is by far one of the best neighborhoods in NYC, a fact that’s fairly evident from its ratings onWalkScore. With an impressive walk score of 95, living in Ridgewood, NYC makes getting around on foot easy. If you don’t have a car, then you won’t have to miss out. There’s a lot of things to do within walking distance, and residents appreciate the fact that it’s close to important amenities.

Ridgewood, NYC, has a transit score of 85, and a bike score of 73. The Myrtle-Wyckoff Avenues Station services this area, with proximity to the M and L trains. The neighborhood also inhabits the Fresh Pond Bus Depot, which gives residents access to other NYC boroughs such as Brooklyn.

5. Bronx: Fordham Heights

The 44th most walkable neighborhood in NYC, Fordham Heights makes living in NYC a breeze. The area boasts of a walk score of 96. Its public transportation system is extensive, with a score of 99, and a bike score of 62.

Grand Concourse and Fordham Road, two major thoroughfares present in this neighborhood, give Fordham Heights’ residents easy access to restaurants and bars within short periods.

The neighborhood is serviced by many trains and multiple bus routes.

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