Ridgewood is a neighborhood in the New York City borough of Queens. It lies right on the border of Queens and Brooklyn and is close to the Brooklyn neighborhoods of Bushwick and East Williamsburg. While the origin of its name is disputed, it’s believed to have been named after Ridgewood Reservoir just south of the area. If you are looking for rooms for rent in Ridgewood, read on to learn everything you need to know in one place!

Where is Ridgewood?

Ridgewood falls under the New York City Council’s 30th District and borders the neighborhoods of Maspeth, Middle Village, and Glendale, as well as Brooklyn. A big portion of the neighborhood covers a large hill which is a part of the Harbor Hill Moraine. Ridgewood falls under ZIP Code 11385, which it shares with neighboring Glendale.

row of houses, Ridgewood, Queens
Image: Street View of Ridgewood,Via Digs Realty

Ridgewood remained rural until the unification of New York City’s boroughs in 1898. While nearby Bushwick developed rapidly in the 19th century, Ridgewood remained sparsely populated. However, in the early 20th century, the population grew rapidly and saw more development.

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Find rooms for rent in Ridgewood

map, rooms for rent in Ridgewood, Queens

If you are searching for rooms for rent in Ridgewood, it is a densely settled neighborhood with a variety of accommodations on offer. A large number of exposed brick buildings, characteristic of the early-20th-century rowhouses, is unique here. Most of the buildings in Ridgewood were designed by local architect Louis Berger & Co. who designed over 5000 buildings in the area.

While looking for rooms for rent in Ridgewood, you will find mostly six-family buildings near the Brooklyn border. However, as you look deeper into Queens, you will find more two-family and single-family houses.

Average rent in Ridgewood

Rooms for rent in RidgewoodAverage Rent
1 Bedroom Apartment For Rent In Ridgewood$812
2 Bedroom Apartment For Rent In Ridgewood$2,348
3 Bedroom Apartment For Rent In Ridgewood$3,186

Is Ridgewood safe?

Myrtle Ave Ridgewood Queens
Image: Ridgewood,Via Loopnet

Ridgewood is known to be a pretty safe neighborhood with most areas good to explore without concern. If you are moving to Ridgewood and want to learn about the safety of the area and more, here are some resources.

  • Areavibes:Areavibes is a great, free website that provides information on livability, safety, crimes, cost of living, etc. It sources this information from residents and can be insightful when you’re searching for rooms for rent in Ridgewood.
  • Niche:Niche is another great website that provides you with reviews and information on a range of neighborhoods. If you’re planning a move to Ridgewood, you can gain insights from people already living in the area.
  • Hotline numbers:Ridgewood is served by the 104th Precinct of the NYPD, located at 64-02 Catalpa Avenue. There is also a fire station located nearby at 56-07 Metropolitan Avenue. Here are the hotline numbers to remember: the emergency services or police can be reached by dialing 911, while other non-emergency services can be reached on 311.

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Public Transit in Ridgewood

NYC transit Subway

1. Walkability

With a walk score of 95 awarded bywalkscore.com,Ridgewood has amazing walkability. If you are searching for rooms for rent in Ridgewood, be assured that you can easily get around on foot. In fact, a car or public transit will not be necessary for running errands locally.

2. Roads & Traffic

Roads in Ridgewood are easy to navigate with the area laid out in a grid system, in line with most of the city. The streets follow a numbering system that was introduced across Queens in 1925. Traffic is no major issue either in Ridgewood, with no major congestion during normal conditions. With most areas being residential, there are no major transit routes that experience heavy traffic.

3. Nearby Train Stations

Ridgewood is easily accessible by theNew York City Subwaywith stations located at Seneca Avenue, Forest Avenue, and Fresh Pond Road. These fall on the BMT Myrtle Avenue Line and can be reached by the ‘M’ trains. Additionally, the Myrtle–Wyckoff Avenues station in the southern portion of Ridgewood, serves the Myrtle Avenue Line and the BMT Canarsie Line.

4. Nearby Bus Stops

Buses in Ridgewood are operated by theMTA Regional Bus Operationswhich also operates all buses in the New York City Area. The B20, B38, B57, Q38, Q39, Q54, and Q67 route buses pass through Ridgewood. Furthermore, the Ridgewood Terminal at the Myrtle–Wyckoff Avenues station serves the B13, B26, B52, B54, Q55, and Q58 routes.

Restaurants in Ridgewood

1. Zum Stammtisch Restaurant


This joint serves the best German food of all the restaurants in Ridgewood and is a local favorite. They also own a German pork store, located right next to the restaurant that imports authentic German meats and delicacies. With favorites like goulash soup, pork knuckle, and strudel, as well as an extensive beer menu, there is something for everyone here.

2. La Canoa

La Canoa restaurants in Ridgewood

This Ecuadorian joint is one of the most interesting restaurants in Ridgewood and serves unique dishes like full-meal soups with ‘caldo de pata’ (cows foot). You can even try a ‘bandera’ which features shrimp, tripe stew, and goat fricassee, with rice and sweet plantain. Additionally, it has a great bar room and dining area, making it a great choice for something a little different.

3. Sea Wolf

Sea Wolf, restaurants in Ridgewood

If you’re craving seafood, Sea Wolf is one of the best restaurants in Ridgewood. They pride themselves on supporting local fisheries and sustainable farming practices. As a result, this popular eatery offers some of the freshest and finest seafood in the area With a great bar too, this place is a fun spot to grab a bite or relax on an evening. They also have vegetarian-friendly and gluten-free options too.

Parks in Ridgewood

parks in Ridgewood
Image: Mafera Park,Via TouristPlaces.info
  • Mafera Park:The Mafera Park was named after Ridgewood resident Joseph F. Mafera when he died in 1967. Approximately 5.4 acres in size, the park is a great spot to hang out or exercise with sports and recreational areas too. Additionally, there are always fun events taking place at the park which are generally open to the public.
  • Evergreen Park:This park is a great place to unwind if you are looking up rooms for rent in Ridgewood. The Park is named after the nearby Cemetery of the Evergreens which was founded in 1849. With its beautiful rolling hills and woodlands, this park is also one of the most peaceful places in Queens.
  • Ridgewood Garden:The Ridgewood Garden is a small and peaceful green space that is great for a quick break. If you are out running and want to catch your breath, or just want to read a book in peace, this is the spot. The plants and trees offer a secluded and private place to relax and appreciate nature.

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Historic Districts in Ridgewood

Ridgewood street during winters, Queens NY
Image: Central Ridgewood Historic District,Via 6SqFt
  • Central Ridgewood Historic District:This district includes 990 two-storey, brick rowhouse buildings with bayfront facades and speckled bricks. Uniform in appearance, and built by Louis Berger & Co., these buildings are known for their unique architecture. They also make use of load-bearing masonry walls constructed of Kreischer bricks.
  • Madison–Putnam–60th Place Historic District:Listed on the National Register of Historic Places in 1983, this district is home to the Old Queens Labor Lyceum. With brick facades and Romanesque Revival-style buildings, it includes around 145 contributing buildings.
  • Stockholm–DeKalb–Hart Historic District:This historic district is also listed on the National Register of Historic Places and includes 79 buildings built between 1900 and 1915. The three bay-wide wood porches with Tuscan columns are iconic and a reminder of the area’s rich past.
New York skyline from Bushwick neighborhood, Brooklyn

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