Housing the “most photogenic house in Downtown Brooklyn”, Bridge Plaza is a neighborhood that’s filled with history mixed with a tinge of modernity. The neighborhood is one of the oldest areas of Downtown Brooklyn with a close-knit community. If you’re considering the area as a place to move to, this neighborhood guide is here to help! We’ll be discussing all the important details that you need to know from the public transportation to the activities that you can do and most importantly, the average rent in Bridge Plaza.

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Where is Bridge Plaza?

NY skyline from brooklyn bridge

Described as a ‘time warped’ area, Bridge Plaza is a quirky little neighborhood composed of early to mid-19th-century row houses with 21st-century architecture surrounding the place. Bridge Plaza is located in the downtown area of the New York City borough of Brooklyn, bordering Flatbush Avenue Extension and Manhattan Bridge on the west, Tillary Street on the south, and the Brooklyn-Queens Expressway on the north and east.

Bridge Plaza is sometimes called “RAMBO“, which stands for “Right After the Manhattan Bridge Overpass”, but many of the residents dismissed the acronym saying they “hate” the name.

Find rooms for rent in Bridge Plaza

map, Find rooms for rent in Bridge Plaza

Back in 1800s, Bridge Plaza housed workers from the Brooklyn Navy Yard and continues to be a predominantly residential neighborhood. Finding rooms for rent in Bridge Plaza is easy with the area being a mixture of three to four-story residential and commercial buildings.

What’s the average rent in Bridge Plaza?

Rooms For Rent In Bridge PlazaAverage Rent
1 Bedroom Apartment For Rent In Bridge Plaza$1,551
2 Bedroom Apartment For Rent In Bridge Plaza$3,102
3 Bedroom Apartment For Rent In Bridge Plaza$4,206

Is Bridge Plaza safe?

Bridge Plaza is a generally safe neighborhood, as it is located in Downtown Brooklyn. Nevertheless, it is still important to be careful! Here are emergency hotlines that you might need in case of any emergencies:

  • For emergencies:911– for any urgent situation, 911 is the number to call in New York.
  • For non-emergency:311– if you need any information about services, you want to make a complaint, or you want to report problems like road traffic, 311 is for non-emergency problems that still require authority.

Public transit in Bridge Plaza

Brooklyn and downtown metro lines

1. Walkability

In New York, Bridge Plaza is considered the 39th most walkable neighborhood in New York with awalk scoreof 96 out of 100. In addition to being a walker’s paradise, Bridge Plaza’s public transportation is easily accessible!

2. Roads & traffic

The roads of Bridge Plaza are wide enough for cars to continuously pass through, even with curbside parking lined along the streets. You also don’t have to worry about traffic in the area! Nonetheless, you can check the real-time traffic and transit events of New York City through thiswebsite.

3. Nearby train stations

Numerous train stations around the neighborhood can be of great help when looking for rooms for rent in Bridge Plaza. Specifically, there are ten stations: the closest is served by theF train (Queens Boulevard Express)with accompanying trainsA&C(Avenue Express & Avenue Local),3&2 (7 Avenue Express),R (Broadway Local),4&5 (Lexington Avenue Express), andB (6 Avenue Express).

4. Nearby bus stops

Just like the rail lines, the bus stops in Bridge Plaza are aplenty with routes from the Brooklyn Navy Yard all the way to Long Island City. The bus station in Jay Street/Concord Street serves the busesB67andB69to go to Kensington, while the station in Tillary Street/Jay Street serves the busesB54 (Ridgewood),B57 (Maspeth), andB62 (Long Island City).If you want to head to Ridgewood, take busB26.

Restaurants in Bridge Plaza

It must be exhausting finding rooms for rent in Bridge Plaza, but don’t fret! We’re here to make sure you don’t get hungry! This neighborhood guide helps you find the best places to eat around the area. Take note of these exceptional restaurants in Bridge Plaza and let your friends know about them too!

1. Luke’s Lobster

Luke's Lobster, restaurant at Bridge Plaza

Hailed as New York’s best lobster roll, Luke’s Lobster is a seafood and lobster restaurant located in the “Smoke Stack Building” underneath the Brooklyn Bridge (just at the entrance of the Brooklyn Bridge Park!). The restaurant serves its iconic Lobster Roll, Luke’s Trio, Bread Bowl, Wild Blue Salad, Clam Chowder, and many more.

Take a look at their menu through theirwebsite.

2. Lizzmonade

Lizzmonade, restaurant at Bridge Plaza

You may think that Lizzmonade only serves lemonade (which they do!), but that’s not all they can offer. Lizzmonade is a small concession stand at the Brooklyn Bridge Park. They serve their original fruit-infused lemonade, coffee, tea, juice, food, and spritz. We recommend trying their grilled cheese, tacos, ceviche, and mint lemonade!

You can check their menuhere!

3. Grimaldi’s Pizzeria

Grimaldi's Pizzeria, restaurant at Bridge Plaza

With the freshest of ingredients, Grimaldi’s serves traditional New York style pizza. They boast their “secret recipe” pizza sauce, handmade mozzarella cheese, and a 100-year old dough recipe which led them to be known as the “Pizza that Made Brooklyn Bridge Famous”. Its original location under the Brooklyn Bridge on 1 Front Street features the original Grimaldi’s Pizzeria menu.

Find out more about themhere.

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Parks in Bridge Plaza

1. Bridge Plaza Community Garden

The Bridge Plaza Community Garden gives a warm welcome to those crossing the Manhattan Bridge into Brooklyn. It is located at 163 Concord St and is taken care of by the Bridge Plaza Association of local residents. After a tiring day of finding rooms for rent in Bridge Plaza, the community garden is the best place to chill and unwind for a bit.

2. Trinity Park

Trinity Park in Downtown Brooklyn between Sands and Nassau is named in honor of the Missionary Servants of the Most Blessed Trinity, also known as the Trinitarian Sisters. This park was built to ease the congestion on local streets and to help local businesses by shortening the commute between the boroughs of New York. It is lined with London Plane trees and even tables and chairs, perfect for having a picnic or eating takeout from restaurants in Bridge Plaza.

3. Brooklyn Bridge Park

A special waterfront park wherethere is something for everyone, Brooklyn Bridge Park has numerous activities, places to see, and events to look out for. It is an 85-acre world-class park that is easily accessible by public transport and has spectacular city views. If you’re looking to have the full New Yorker experience, visiting Brooklyn Bridge Park is a must!

Museums near Bridge Plaza

New York Transit Museum

Perfect for kids and history buffs alike, the New York Transit Museum showcases historical artifacts about the New York City subway, bus, and commuter rail systems. The museum is built in an old subway station (Court Street) in Downtown Brooklyn and displays 19 restored subway cars and many more exhibits. They also offer subway tours and open the Transit Authority transit archives that are open by appointment. This museum is a must if you’re keen to know more about the train system that you’re using in finding rooms for rent in Bridge Plaza! You can learn more about them through theirwebsite.

Brooklyn Museum

Brooklyn Museum is an art museum in the heart of Brooklyn and is the third-largest museum in New York City, holding an estimate of 1.5 million artworks. The museum is known for its diversity with its huge permanent collection that’s categorized by culture, accompanied by exhibitions with an extensive selection of geographic locations and time periods. Check them outhere.

aerial shot of brooklyn bridge

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