Whether you were lured by the famed Apizza or the Ivy League education, moving to The Elm City is full of surprises. Here’s everything you need to know about finding rooms for rent in New Haven.

Getting to know New Haven

When talking about New Haven, two things come to mind: pizza and crime. While they are drastically different, any conversation about New Haven will eventually lead to these topics. If you’re concerned about crime rates in New Haven, you wouldn’t be the only one. Like most other cities, New Haven has its share of petty thefts and even robberies. However, as you explore the city some more, it won’t be long until you let down your guard and realize New Haven has a lot to offer.

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The hype around Ivy League education and gothic architecture surrounding the Yale campus may make you think of New Haven as a snooze fest, but you couldn’t be farther from the truth. New Haven is filled with opportunities for you to meet new people, explore live music and theatre, and even grab falafels at midnight.

Finding rooms for rent in New Haven

Living in New Haven isn’t cheap, with the average rent in New Haven being 35% higher than the national average. Property taxes are high, along with higher utility and transit bills. However, with some smart budgeting, and the lucrative salary that most New haven job opportunities offer, it’s not too difficult to manage. With tons of people moving to the city every year, the attraction of looking for rooms for rent in New Haven is clear.

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The neighborhood you choose to live in matters a lot when it comes to rental prices. While finding cheap rooms for rent in New Haven can be challenging, it isn’t impossible. Some neighborhoods are more coveted because of their proximity to Downtown New Haven, while others are ideal for Grad students who’ve come to the city to attend Yale University.

Top neighborhoods in New Haven

  • Downtown Want to be where the action is? Downtown is your best bet! Located close to the Yale campus, you will find a host of eateries, galleries, cafes and more. Be prepared for higher-than-average rental prices if you want to live in this New Haven neighborhood. With a Stop n’ Shop nearby, stocking up on groceries is a breeze, or you could also wait for the Downtown Farmer’s Market during the summer and fall.
  • Wooster Square Informally known as the Italian Neighborhood (and not just because of the ongoing Great Rivalry between Sally’s and Pepe’s), Wooster Square is ideal for those who want to be close to Downtown, but crave a suburban lifestyle feel. Head to the Wooster’s Square Farmer’s Market for fresh produce!
  • East Rock When you want your eyes to feast on greenery, this neighborhood is the place to be. Victorian architecture dominates this neighborhood, though there are some modern buildings where you can find rooms for rent! East Rock is named after the East Rock park located close to the northeastern part and is perfect for families with children and pets.

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Average rent in New Haven

Rooms for Rent in New HavenAverage Rent
1 Bedroom Apartment for Rent in New Haven$773
2 Bedroom Apartment for Rent in New Haven$1,698
3 Bedroom Apartment for Rent in New Haven$2,418

University life in New Haven

With Yale University in New Haven, university life will never be dull! Every year, tons of new students come to the city, wanting to explore student life in many prestigious institutions scattered across the city. New Haven isn’t exactly a college town; it’s much better than that! From Yale’s Peabody Museum and British Art Gallery to hiking on the East Rock and biking on the beach, there’s a lot of free activities that students can enjoy.

If you’re a Yale student, you’re in luck. Apart from the world-renowned education, you also get to take part in Shops at Yale’s College night, where you can sign up for freebies from local businesses.

Fun Fact: “The Game”, a football game that takes place between Harvard and Yale teams, takes place at the end of November every year, and is one of the city’s highlight events.

Top Universities in New Haven

How transit friendly is New Haven?

Shuttles, buses and rail, New Haven residents have numerous options to choose from for public transit. With the GoNewHavenGo initiative, the city aims to highlight the importance of public transit, improve transportation systems, and provide residents with car-free alternatives.

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1. Walkability in New Haven

New Haven has an average walk score of 68, with some neighborhoods being more walkable than others. Downtown, Wooster Square, and Dwight are the most walkable neighborhoods in the city, where most errands can be completed on foot.

2. Roads/traffic in New Haven

Connecticut has bad traffic, so it is not surprising to see that rush hour in New Haven can make your move at a snail’s pace. If you want to reach anywhere in time, avoid planning any events close to rush hours.

3. Taxis in New Haven

Numerous taxi services run across that city that you can call at any time. The standard fare is $3.00, with an additional $2.25 per mile and a waiting fare of $40.00 per hour. You can also opt for Uber or Lyft which are available throughout the week.

Ridesharing options such as ZipCar, and My Ride by the Greater New Haven Transit District are also available.

4. Public transportation in New Haven

Although most of Downtown is quite walkable, for other neighborhoods, residents can opt for CT Transit buses, or if you’re close to the Yale campus, you can try Yale Shuttles as well.

To connect to other cities, residents have Amtrak, Shore Line East, or Metro-North Railroad which provides easy access to various destinations from New Haven, such as New York, Boston, Queens, and New London.

5. Airports in New Haven

Located three miles from Downtown, the Tweed New Haven Regional Airport services the city. Once you fly to Philadelphia from New Haven, you can connect to any destination via American Airlines. Its proximity to New York City means you can also opt for John F. Kennedy Airport, provided you don’t mind a longer journey.

6. Cycling in New Haven

New Haven has been working steadily to ensure the safety of cyclists by improving signage and road infrastructure. From launching a “Street Smarts” campaign to starting New Haven’s very own bike-sharing program known as Bike New Haven, the city is on its way to becoming more cycle-friendly. You can also view the official Bike Route Map to track the existing and upcoming biking routes in the city.

Restaurants in New Haven

You can’t talk about New Haven without mentioning pizza! New Haven is often accredited with introducing pizza to America, or “apizza”, but that is not all that New Haven offers. While classics like hamburgers and ooey-gooey grilled cheese sandwiches are what New Haven is famous for, you will find opportunities to explore other cuisines as well. As the city is more of a college town, you will find several places to drink and hang out with friends, but there is a nice selection of fine dining as well. Of course, Pizza Parlours are still famous, and when you live here long enough, you’ll have to declare your allegiance to some joint or the other!

Fun Fact: The first lollipop and hamburger were made in New Haven!

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Nightlife in New Haven

While it isn’t New York, you won’t have trouble finding a lively nightlife scene in New Haven. Downtown is filled with clubs, bars, dining options and new people to meet. New to New Haven? Don’t worry! Most residents are in the same boat. Hence, it is not too difficult to find people with whom you can explore the city.

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