The West Bronx region is located west of the Bronx River in New York City. This area is more densely populated than the East. The Bronx has an interesting history, which you can learn more about here. If you’re looking for rooms for rent in West Bronx, then keep reading to gain an insight into the neighborhoods, average rent in West Bronx, and much, much more.

Getting to know West Bronx

West Bronx, Source:

West Bronx consists of affordable housing, interesting culture, and even better – great and diverse food. It has more of an urban feel than its counterpart, East Bronx. You can be sure you’ll have a nice outdoor experience here, whether you’re visiting as a tourist or a local. From the Yankee Stadium to the Van Cortlandt Park, there are so many attractions for you to explore in West Bronx.

There have been some safety concerns surrounding the Bronx in New York, but fear not! West Bronx is home to some of the safest neighborhoods in the borough.

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Finding rooms for rent in West Bronx

The Bronx’s architectural history is rich and diverse. Plus, there are a lot of affordable areas for you to live in. Which neighborhood in the Bronx you choose will likely depend on factors like the cost of living, transportation links, and other individual concerns, e.g., schools. If you want to live somewhere in the city with a suburban feel, then West Bronx is the best place for you. This hilly region has older tenement buildings and public housing complexes in its lower-income areas, but it contains some very affluent neighborhoods as well.

Top Neighborhoods in West Bronx

Riverdale, Bronx. Source:
  1. Riverdale: This is not only one of the top neighborhoods in West Bronx, but in the entire borough. Though it has large estates and slightly expensive housing rates, you can still find affordable and smaller co-op apartments. It has a very low crime rate, and it’s rated by DNA Info as the safest neighbourhood in the Bronx. It is home to many parks, including Wave Hill, a famous botanical garden in New York City.
  2. Fordham: Originally a farming area, this neighborhood is one of the best in West Bronx. Fordham is bordered by Fordham Road to the north, Southern Boulevard to the east, and Jerome Avenue to the west. This area is famous for its vibrant nightlife, and offers great Italian cuisine.
  3. Kingsbridge: It’s made up of Kingsbridge Heights and Van Cortlandt Village. It is comprised of spacious attached or detached homes and apartment buildings. This friendly, residential neighborhood has apartments all within walking distance of several local parks and expansive green spaces.

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Average Rent In West Bronx

Room For Rent In West BronxAverage Rent
1 Bedroom Apartment For Rent In West Bronx$812
2 Bedroom Apartment For Rent In West Bronx$1,360
3 Bedroom Apartment For Rent In West Bronx$3,318

University Life in West Bronx

Who says school can’t be fun? West Bronx is home to various colleges where you can get a good education. West Bronx offers you a great educational experience that allows you to enjoy culture while learning.

5 Universities in West Bronx to check out:

Fordham University, Source:
  1. Manhattan College
  2. Fordham University
  3. Metropolitan College of New York
  4. Boricua College
  5. City University of New York

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How transit friendly is West Bronx?


As a whole, New York City is known for its pedestrian-friendly neighborhoods, and it’s famous for its high walkability rate. You can run your errands on foot and even search for rooms for rent in West Bronx while walking around. Tourists who want to explore the city will also appreciate this fact.


Finding trains in West Bronx is not hard at all. The Metropolitan Transportation Authority operates services on the New York City subway throughout the region.


Owning a car is not much of a priority in the Bronx because of the parking fees, but there are numerous taxi services available to take you to your destinations. Kiss Car Service, located in Fordham, West Bronx, is a taxi service that has been around for over 30 years.

Cultural activities in West Bronx

The Bronx Museum of Arts, Source:

As stated earlier, West Bronx is known for its rich culture. Its renowned architectural structure gives the Bronx borough a certain prestige, and there is an abundance of attractions for you to visit. Some of them include:

Yankee Stadium

According to its official website, ‘Nothing says “New York, New York” like a visit to Yankee Stadium, home of the 27-time World Champions.’ You can take stadium tours, or even host your own game day. Plus, there are plenty of events, which you can check out here.

Bronx Week

This usually occurs in May/June, and it’s a ten-day festival celebration packed full of activities. You can witness the Bronx Walk of Fame induction ceremony, visit the film festival, and see a colorful flotilla on the Bronx River. Find more about Bronx Week here.

The Bronx Museum of Arts

Who doesn’t love a good museum? Museums are a perfect blend of learning and fun. The Bronx Museum of Arts primarily specializes in contemporary art and has over 800 paintings, sculptures, and other art forms in its collection. Plan your visit here.

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If you’re actively looking for rooms for rent in West Bronx, then you can’t do so on an empty stomach! There are a lot of restaurants in West Bronx, each with different cuisines and decor. Here are some restaurants in West Bronx you can try:

  1. Roberto’s Restaurant: Italy meets the Bronx in this high end restaurant in West Bronx. Foodies will appreciate the mouthwatering specials, which change weekly. You can even plan your own private event.
  2. Antonio’s Trattoria: This is another Italian restaurant in West Bronx and was featured on Yelp’s list of ‘Top 100 Best Restaurants in NYC’ in 2019. Enjoy a variety of comfort dishes and fresh Italian pasta. This is definitely one of must-try restaurants in West Bronx.
  3. Jake’s Steakhouse: This casual and cosy steakhouse is one of the best restaurants in West Bronx. You can expect a full steakhouse menu with seafood and chops, craft beers, amazing desserts – plus beautiful views of Van Corlandt Park to accompany your meal.

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