Become fast friends with your roommate in NYC by trying out these fun free activities that cover the city in all its shining glory!

You and your roommate have a lot in common. You both work hard, share some similar interests, and are spread thin in the financial department. New York City has so much to do, but it can seem a little inaccessible when you’re on a budget. The team at Roomi feels your pain and wants to share some things to do with your roommate in NYC, that are fun, cheap, and easy to jump into!

Go green with your roommate at NYC parks!

Did you know New York City has over 1,700 parks, rec centers, and playgrounds? Okay, so you might be a little old for a playground. (Though, if you wanted to swing on the monkey bars and shoot down the twisty slide again with your roommate for old time’s sake, we’re not going to judge.) But even sans playgrounds, there’s still a ton of places to go for a walk, jog, or picnic within city limits.

New York City parks and rec centers are overflowing with free and low-cost events. Free yoga. A Latin festival. (And yes. There will be salsa dancing.) Skate Night with a live DJ. They’ve got skates, or you can bring your own. If you prefer something a little more impulsive, consider purchasing a Frisbee. They aren’t expensive and are perfect for a party of two. They come in various shapes, sizes, and materials. Try a 125-gram disc to start.

Visit some museums with your roommate and indulge in some fun NYC art!

New York City has plenty of free museums for you and your roommate to peruse at your leisure. Keep in mind some of these establishments have recommended fees, which are optional to pay. It’s effectively a voluntary donation to keep the place running. Always double-check to see if the fee is recommended or if its status has changed with a quick phone call to the museum ahead of time. For a mix of science, culture, and history that is equal parts entertaining and educational, try the American Museum of Natural History. Want something a little more refined? Head on over to the Metropolitan Museum of Art. If you and your roommate are outdoorsy types, take a stroll through the Socrates Sculpture Park.

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Affordable eats in NYC with your roommate!

In 2015, New York City had 45,681 places to eat or drink. If you went to one new place every day, it would take you roughly 125 years to get through them all. Wowza. With so many choices, it can be tough to find the cheap ones to enjoy on a budget. Thankfully, Eater New York has compiled a list of 60 affordable eateries for you including meal pics, and even added a handy interactive map. Turkish kebabs, anyone?

Free music and free spirits!

New York City has a pretty sweet music scene, and you don’t have to take out a loan just to sit in the back row of some huge entertainment complex. Moreover, there is an eclectic mix of styles and artists available for free. Check out these free concerts and musical events. Classical symphonies, R&B, and a myriad of other styles await you and your roommate for fun on the fly without paying a dime.

What affordable entertainment do you go for in NYC? Do you go with your roommate? Post your comments below.

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