Having mixed gender roommates without any romantic interest calls for good times to roll! If you’ve ever been curious about the habits, thoughts, and lifestyle of your opposite sex roommate – you’re about to find out. Obviously not every female roommate or guy roommate is alike but there are a few subtleties and living habits most of us share. So here is what to expect and how to live with your opposite sex roommate.

1. You find weird objects in the bathroom when you have an opposite sex roommate

If you live with mixed gender roommates, you will find funny looking gadgets in the bathroom. You may even feel inclined to play with them! And don’t assume you know the purpose of each item- you’ve been warned!

The massive cone shaped device with small prong protruding is actually not a medieval torture device, it’s a blow-out brush (that means she uses it for her hair). The weird buzzing tool that sits on a charger is to get rid of his nose hair. The opposite sex roommate is exposed to whole new world of bath and beauty products. And it’s kind of intriguing!

2. Different health foods of the opposite sex roommate

Quinoa? Creatine? Your opposite sex roommate will have different concoctions they call health foods. You’ll still bond over pizza but it doesn’t hurt to ask your female roommate what a power bowl with acai and quinoa is. Or learning why your guy roommate takes amino acids and creatine. The health pantry in your apartment will certainly be diverse.

3. Built in party with mixed gender roommates

A guy roommate and a female roommate living together in a platonic situation (yes, it’s possible) makes having a little party easier and convenient. Because both of you inviting a handful of friends makes for a perfect mix. So he stays in charge of the dudes, she the dudettes. And when you double the hosts, there’s bound to be double the fun with your opposite sex roommate!

4. Insights into the opposite sex

So for those nights you make it to sitting down with some beer and wine, you’ll have the opportunity to learn about the each others struggles and successes. Both men and woman face societal, family, and work pressure but experience it differently. When you have an opposite sex roommate you gain insight to very contrasting perspective.

So it may not always feel like the best scenes from the “New Girl” but having an opposite sex roommate can provide a wide range of learning experiences and may cover all the emotions on the spectrum. You may gain the coolest wingman or a best pal, in any regard keep in mind the differences in bathroom etiquette, respect boundaries, and learn from each other when living with mixed gender roommates!

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