Getting a roommate or living with one? Get on board for some annoying and funny roommate memes coming your way that talk about hygiene, habits, and food. The following 30 roommate memes are 100% relatable to anyone who has ever had or currently has a roommate.

Let’s go!

Some memes will make you realize that you’re not alone in the struggle while some others might result in a newfound respect for your roommate after seeing how bad others have it. If you fall into the first category, these funny roommate memes will help you laugh through the pain, because pushing your roommate down the stairs is neither productive (nor legal).

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Funny Roommate Memes That’ll Crack You Up

“My roommate waking up at 5:30. Me going to bed at 5:30.

I love how this could be either am or pm and still make sense”.

“Roommate has a date coming by later and asked me to clean because he’s not at home. So I made a Princess Diana shrine in his room”.

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“Printed it out and putting it on my fridge so they know it’s real: If everybody washed their own dishes wouldn’t be dishes to wash.”

Say it louder for the people in the back!

“When I randomly run into my roommate in the hallway.

Me 🙂

My Roomi :)”

awkward smiles alert

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Roommate Memes For When You’re The Guilty One

“When my roommate asks where all the beer went.”

“When you’re drunk from happy hour and trying to act sober in front of your roommate.”

There’s no coming back from this situation…

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“My roommates asking me to save some ice cream for them.

Me eating the last scoop: No, I don’t think I will”.

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“When you see ur roommate looking for the food they were saving and ur literally still chewing it.”

Oops, someone’s busted!

Relatable Roommate Memes

“Me to my roommate:

I have a dream that one day the dishes will be done.

Not by those who need them but by those that have created them.”

A little inspiration never hurt anyone!

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“When roommate plays that song for the fifth time this week.”

“Hey, can I borrow everything?”

If you live with multiple roommates, there’s always one who borrows things from everyone. And sometimes, without notice! We all know how annoying that can be.

“Living w roommates month 1: I bought myself a new rug and some plants! Don’t worry about paying me it’s for all of us :).

Month 6: Can u Venmo me 37 cents for using my ketchup.”

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Bad Roommate Memes

“When your roommate is being loud while you’re sleeping but you are too tired to say anything.”

“His unwashed clothes and utensils.

My roommate talking about cleanliness”.

Oh, you’re one to talk!

“Do you slam your doors loudly late at night or early in the morning?

You just might be a bad roommate.

Do you leave annoying notes in the hall?

You just might be self-righteous.”

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Good Roommate Memes

“When my roommate goes home for the weekend”.

“Best friend became my roommate.

Eight months later, we’re still best friends.”

You know how people dream about living in a city with their best friend? Some actually get to do it. Just like Monica and Rachel from Friends, you’d have a blast too if your bestie turned into your roomie!

“When everyone’s sleeping and you stop the microwave at 0:01”.

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Funny Roommate Memes You Didn’t Know You Needed

“My roommate doing stupid things.

Me: :D”

Ever caught yourself holding a camera and smiling as wide as Will Smith watching your roomie doing something hilarious? After all, that is what fun times with roommates are made of! Document everything. You won’t regret it.

“My roommate snores so loud that sometimes I hit the wall to wake him up so I can get some sleep. He has no idea.”

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“Me: Trying to get some extra sleep on a holiday.

My roommate’s daily alarm”.

You know what they say, the only thing stopping you from your dreams is an alarm.

“When your roommate won’t stop talking and you’re trying to watch Netflix.”

Annoying Roommate Memes

“When your roommate is sick AF and coughs literally all over everything without covering her mouth.”

Ahh, the classic roommate red flag! Many times, roommates have experienced this and with the pandemic around… you really need to have a chat with them (from a distance)!

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*“Nothing crosses the line quite like when your roommate eats your Girl Scout cookies behind ***your back.”

“They invite over a bunch of people and don’t tell you until they show up at the front door”.

Hold on. Sending help asap!

“They break something of yours in the house and then try to patch it up!”

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Hilarious roommate memes to end the day with

“I’m pretending to be a hot girl on tinder so I can match with my roommate and tell him I’m coming over so he’ll clean the apartment.”

Desperate times require desperate actions. #smartroommate

“Me explaining to my roommate why I need 5 naps a day”.

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“When my roommate is being too nice and hasn’t asked for anything yet”.

Proceed with caution. Huge favor ahead!

“When your roommate comes home and you haven’t left the same spot on the couch for 8 hours.

Please don’t tell anyone how I live.”

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