If spare change seems to burn a hole in your pocket, and you just can’t get your savings to grow, you need a little help. Luckily, most of us don’t need to shell out for a financial advisor. Because we can download some assistance straight into the palms of our hands and save money like a boss. Yes, we are talking about some cool money saving apps in 2021!

TBH, money seems to have a strange hold over all of us, especially if we don’t have it. We’ve even passed on some superstitions about money over the years, since many of us just don’t seem to understand it. 
In 2019, as many as 28% of US adults said they had no emergency savings. Would you include yourself in this group? This year has taught us that a fund to fall back on is a necessity, so check out some of the best money saving apps out there. Each has their own saving style, so we’re sure you’ll find the right digital finance buddy for you.

1. Digit

Hate thinking about money? Digit does it for you. The app analyzes your spending and saves the perfect amount each day, in such a way that you don’t notice the impacts on your bank balance. Let Digit know what you’re saving for and it’ll help you work towards that goal, without having to alter your lifestyle. Its clean, colorful interface makes money management a little less scary, too.

A real review from the AppStore: Digit helps me make sure that I’m saving money, & I really don’t even notice the money that’s being taken out to be saved. I love how quickly I’ve managed to save money towards individual goals, as well as in general.

2. Qapital

Qapital is on a mission to help its users discover true money happiness. Its algorithms let users automatically save money in a smart way, but they can also set up savings rules. It’s packed with tons of features that make saving money – dare we say it – fun. For example, team up with others to reach shared goals, learn to invest, and define your spending each payday. 

A real review from the AppStore: I’ve been using Qapital for years now and I have found it so helpful. Admittedly, I’m not naturally the best with money. For most of my adult life I’ve settled for living paycheck to paycheck with no cushion. However, with Qapital, I’ve been able to save significant amounts of cash, by creating realistic, achievable goals.

3. Mint(One of the best money saving apps in 2021)

We’ve seen Mint get referred to as “the Beyonce of money saving apps”! That’s because it does it all, and users can keep track of their activity across multiple accounts. Mint cleverly analyzes your spending habits to create a budget for you, and presents everything in simple graphs. When you need an all-in-one spot to manage your finances, try Mint.

A real review from the AppStore: Mint is the perfect tool to keep track of 100% of your finances. Want to track your net worth and credit for free? Mint is perfect. Saving goals, monthly budgets, pay bills, get reminded about bills. It’s customizable and intuitive.

4. Trim

The clue’s in the name: Trim is all about trimming down what you spend. It tries to find ways you can save money, for example on your cable subscription, internet or phone plan, medical bills, and old subscriptions you no longer use. That means no more getting ripped off on your bills, and more money for the things you need. Quite frankly another one of the best money-saving apps in 2021 that you cannot miss.

Trim review: I’ve seen the most benefit from the bill negotiation service, and specifically from Trim’s ability to get credits for cable and internet outages. And the text/messenger alerts are a nice way to keep a close eye on whether my budget is out of whack.

5. Long Game

Long Game takes a different approach; it takes the money that users would usually spend on lottery tickets, and puts it into a savings account instead. But why would these users give up their chance to win big? Well, everyone that signs up is entered into games to win extra money. The more you save, the more chances there are to win. It makes saving fun and cuts down the risk for those that sometimes take a gamble on their savings. A great way to save money, right?

 A real review from the AppStore: I forget about what I’m saving and the missions make me excited to continue putting money away! Honestly it’s the greatest app ever.

Remember to always consult a financial advisor for professional advice. This blog is intended to present some money saving apps only, and should by no means be used as your sole source of financial advice.

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