Living with roommates can be an awesome experience. A roommate can become a built-in best friend and your go-to confidant. A good roommate is a blessing, but you’re bound to experience different types of roommates with a range of different roommate personalities and habits that won’t necessarily mesh with your own.

Don’t fret, it’s okay to be different from your roommate and you should be prepared to live with a mixed bag of people that aren’t like you. Here are 6 different types of roommates that you’ll probably encounter.

girl and boy talking to each other in a beautiful white house

1. Slobs, the most common roommate personality!

This character you just can’t seem to escape, these roommates will often forget to clean up after themselves and leave their room looking like a mess. These types of roommates are especially hard to coexist with if you’re organized and need your home to be neat and tidy.

If you’re the opposite of this roommate personality, coliving with one might be hard to deal with. If messiness is becoming an increasing problem and your roomi is stressing you out, try having a talk with them about their cleaning habits. Communication is the basis of all good roommate relationships.

2. The noisy one, this roommate type can piss you off in 0.001 seconds

Early risers beware! This type of roommate tends to be a night owl and will stay up all hours of the night. The noisy one will blast music while they’re working and decide to spontaneously rearrange their room at night. Moreover, they often doesn’t realize that they are noisy and that their habits are driving everyone else insane.

If you enjoy peace and quiet, there will definetly be disagreements between you and your noisy roommate. As always, make sure to communicate with them and outline your boundaries. Creating a roommate agreement (that includes set quiet hours) might be a good idea in order for your roomi to have a better understanding of the house rules.

3. The organized one

The organized roomi is a blessing! You can count on them to be respectful and to always clean up after themselves when they make a mess. Their room is always neat and they make their bed each morning. The organized roommate will most likely volunteer to do the dishes and clean the apartment. You’ve struck gold with this roomi – congrats!

No matter what kind of roomi you are, having an organized roommate is a good one to have. Unless they are obsessive about their cleanliness, their organization skills will definitely come in handy!

Two girl roommates in a house

4. The party animal, the roommate type that just can’t help it!

This roomi is a social butterfly. The party animal is always down to go to the bar on weeknights and is constantly searching for the next thrill. They often invite people over to the apartment and don’t always let you know beforehand. The party animal is an extrovert and will always make you feel welcome.

If you’re more of an introvert, having a party animal as a roommate may not be the best fit for you. Be sure to let them know your boundaries and ask them to be respectful of your shared living space.

5. The one who’s MIA

Most of the time, this roomi is nowhere to be seen. The MIA roommate doesn’t spend much time in the apartment and prefers to do their own thing. They spend the majority of time in their room, but they’re respectful of your space, pay their bills on time, and are content with staying in the shadows.

If you’re fine with your roommate doing their own thing, this may be a good personality fit for you. As long as they clean up their mess and keep their music low, you’ll get along just fine!

6. The perfect match is our favorite type of roommate

Sometimes we’re lucky enough to come by our perfect match in a roomi. This roomi is one who is respectful of your space, does their duties as a roommate, and is an awesome person to hangout with. The perfect match is a roomi who has a personality that’s compatible with yours and who you love coming home to have a glass of wine and watch a movie with!

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