Fast-paced and rapidly growing, the Valley of the Sun is home to millions. Grab a room for rent in Phoenix, before prices skyrocket, to enjoy beautiful sunsets, & ample outdoor activities.

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Getting to Know Phoenix

It’s mostly sunny in Phoenix, with residents enjoying beautiful weather 210 days of the year. Home to companies like Intel, Well & Fargo, not only does Phoenix boast a robust local economy, it also provides plenty of job opportunities.

From retirees to university students and professionals, you will find a wide demographic within the city. Different neighborhoods will give off a small-town vibe, or let you experience a luxurious city life. Phoenix is filled with natural attractions, including the famed Grand Canyon.

Finding Rooms for Rent in Phoenix

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Once, people would move to the city for affordable living and cheap real-estate. Now, the situation is changing rapidly, with a rising cost of rooms for rent in Phoenix. Get ready to find a roommate in Phoenix, unless you’re willing to cover high rental costs.

Top Neighborhoods in Phoenix

  1. Downtown Phoenix: Easy access to the Airport and entertainment options like bars, museums or theatre. This Phoenix neighborhood is pricey, so ensure that you have your roommate finder app ready to help you split the cost.
  2. Arcadia: The most desirable neighborhood because of the beautiful view of the Camelback Mountains and affordable studio apartments. Located close to the hiking trials of the city, this neighborhood is perfect for those who love to explore nature.
  3. Paradise Valley: Enjoy a luxury lifestyle in this surprisingly affordable neighborhood in Phoenix. Located close to luxury brand stores, you can also explore local entertainment options and the OdySea Aquarium.

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Average Rent in Phoenix

Rooms for rent in PheonixAverage Rent
1 Bedroom Apartment in Pheonix$760
2 Bedroom Apartment in Pheonix$1,450
3 Bedroom Apartment in Pheonix$2,109

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University Life in Phoenix

Apart from the stunning scenery, you can also enjoy the art scene in the city, or the nightlife. The mix of cultures is not only reflected in the diversity of the people you will meet, but the local cuisine as well. If you enjoy sports, then you’re in luck. Support the local sports team like the Arizona Cardinals and Phoenix Sun, or simply enjoy several outdoor activities. University housing is affordable, but if you plan to rent a room in Phoenix, ensure that you find a roommate first.

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With roommate finder apps, finding people in Arizona is easy. While it takes some adjustment, there is a lot to explore with your roommate in Arizona!

Planning to study in Phoenix? Here are some universities that you may want to check out:

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How Transit Friendly is Phoenix?

Drive to different places or opt for public transport, there are a lot of ways to get around phoenix. From bus routes to light rail stations, you have plenty of options to choose from. However, Phoenix is a big city, so ensure that you plan your route beforehand.

Walkability in Phoenix

Whether you want to get somewhere or enjoy a nice walk, Phoenix is a walkable city. Some neighborhoods are more walkable than other, so keep that in mind when finding rooms for rent in Phoenix.

Roads/traffic in Phoenix

When traveling during rush hour, you may face some traffic. However, for the rest of the day you can enjoy a pleasant drive along the roads. With less congested roads, opting for public transport becomes a breeze.

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Taxis in Phoenix

Owning a car is not necessary in Phoenix; from taxis to car rentals, Uber and Lyft, you have numerous ways to get around the city. As Phoenix is fairly large, taxi fares can be pretty expensive when you plan to travel to farther destinations. You can opt for hourly car rentals, or pay a monthly subscription fee for services such as Ruby Ride.

Public Transportation in Phoenix

The Valley Metro services provide bus routes and light rail stations across the city. Buses and light rails are affordable public transportation options if they serve your destination. While there are plenty of bus routes spanning the city, some areas have not been covered. Luckily, the light rail serves are a larger portion of the city, taking you wherever you need to go. So, if you find rooms for rent near Central Phoenix, you’ll be quite lucky as the area has numerous light rail stations.

Airports in Phoenix

Two airports that mainly serve the Greater Phoenix Area:

Cycling in Phoenix

With 600 miles of biking lanes, and over 100 miles in biking trails, Phoenix is extremely cycle-friendly. You can get to most places within the city on your bike and enjoy the beautiful weather. It’s not only an affordable option, but eco-friendly as well! Bike sharing and rental options have made biking more accessible to the residents.

Nightlife in Phoenix

You’re in for a wild ride when exploring the nightlife in Phoenix. From Burlesque shows to visiting an Arcade, you name it and Phoenix probably has it in store. Explore the hidden bars of the city, enjoy a hike under the moonlight, or discover reverse happy hours. Evenings in Phoenix are never boring, and some places you should check out are:

Historical/Cultural Spots in Phoenix

First Friday, and Third Friday or Gallery Night initiatives help you explore and discover Phoenix’s local art scene. Don’t forget to visit the local Film Bar and enjoy an Indie Flick or some classic movies. Explore museums and art galleries, and catch a show at the Desert Botanical Garden.

Some places to add to your list are:

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