Who hasn’t wondered what it would be like to live in Los Angeles? The city has an eclectic vibe with each neighborhood differing vastly from the other. While you may be able to find some peace and quiet when looking for rooms for rent in South Los Angeles, other neighborhoods stay up all night. What awaits you when you enter this city? Let’s find out!

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Where is South Los Angeles?

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Within the city limits of Los Angeles, South Los Angeles (formerly known as South Central Los Angeles, and renamed in 2003) lies to the south of Downtown. It is a densely populated area, with plenty of restaurants, entertainment options, and more. The neighborhood is well-connected, with plenty of transit options for residents. With a good selection of schools, community colleges, and universities located nearby, this neighborhood is popular amongst families.

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Find rooms for rent in South Los Angeles?

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With the average rent in South Los Angeles being amongst the lowest in LA, this is the ideal neighborhood for those looking for affordable options. Rooms for rent in South Angeles are quite popular, with plenty of tourist attractions, restaurants and entertainment options around. If you want a ‘city-like’ vibe from your neighborhood, South LA is the place for you.

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Average rent in South Los Angeles

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Overall, average rent in South Los Angeles is quite affordable compared to other neighborhoods. Rooms for rent in South Los Angeles are quite popular, so it’s best to start looking as soon as possible – so you don’t miss out on your dream apartment!

Rooms for in South Los AngelesAverage Rent
1 Bedroom Apartment For Rent In South Los Angeles$690
2 Bedroom Apartment For Rent In South Los Angeles$1,902
3 Bedroom Apartment For Rent In South Los Angeles$3,576

Is South Los Angeles safe?

South LA high rise neighborhood
  • According toAreaVibes, South Los Angeles is relatively safe with low crime rates compared to the national average. Daily crime reported in the area is low, with most people rating South Los Angeles as a safe neighborhood.
  • SmarterTravelhas highlighted that while crime was a major problem in South LA during the 90s, today this neighborhood is probably one of the safest in the city. Hence, you can find room for rent in South Los Angeles without worrying for your safety.

While you’re already familiar with 911, it is also best to stay updated on non-emergency phone lines in LA for when you’re in need of help. The Emergency Management Department of Los Angeles has listed them on theirwebsite.

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Public transit in South Los Angeles

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South Los Angeles is well-connected with plenty of transit options. If you’re planning to move for work, finding rooms for rent in South Los Angeles may be a great idea due to its connectivity.

1. Walkability

With awalk scoreof 98, South Los Angeles is one of the most walkable neighborhoods in the city. When you find a room for rent in South Los Angeles, you can enjoy plenty of strolls around the neighborhood.

2. Roads & Traffic

Like most of Los Angeles, South LA also has congested roads and terrible traffic throughout the day. When you’re looking for a smooth traveling experience, be sure to avoid the rush hours.

3. Nearby Train Stations

The Los Angeles metro line ensures that all neighborhoods are well connected. In South Los Angeles you will find the nearest metro station at Baldwin Park.

4. Nearby Bus Stops

With plenty of bus stops around, you’ll never be late for work when living in South Los Angeles. Some bus stops that may become a key part of your daily routine include:

  • Wiltshire/Western
  • 5th/Main
  • 6th/Los Angeles

Restaurants in South Los Angeles

1. Ackee Bamboo

Ackee Bamboo South, restaurants Hollywood LA

Who doesn’t want to enjoy some delicious Jamaican food? When the craving hits, be sure to visit Ackee Bamboo. Enjoy jerk chicken, goat curry or braised oxtail with a side of rice, beans, plantains and steaming hot festival bread! You’ll surely be revisiting this restaurant in South Los Angeles soon.

2. Southern Girl Desserts

Bored of the restaurants in South Los Angeles and want to try something sweet? You cannot miss out on visiting Southern Girl Desserts! The bakery is always packed with patrons looking to try some unique flavors such as chicken and waffle cupcake (yes, it exists!) or Hennessey and Coke. For the adventurous souls out there, try out the rotating cupcake flavors that change every day, or stick to popular flavors such as red velvet and chocolate caramel.


3. Ray’s BBQ

Ray's BBQ south LA, newspaper illustration

Craving some authentic barbecue? Well, Ray Ramirez, the chef and owner of Ray’s BBQ is here to delight you with his delicious menu. From mac and cheese tacos to briskets paired with nachos, you won’t leave without a full stomach when you hit this restaurant in South Los Angeles.

Parks in South Los Angeles

person playng on a swing, Parks in South La

1. Vermont and Gage Park

Operating daily from dawn to dusk, this park is the perfect spot for a picnic. With plenty of benches and tables around, you can enjoy a relaxing visit with friends or family. Enjoy the fresh air and the beautiful view, while you take a break from your room search.

2. Vermont Square Park

With a play area for children and picnic tables, this is the ideal place to be when kids are begging you to take them outside. There’s even a barbecue pit around for when you’re planning a meetup!

Nightlife in South Los Angeles

nightlife in south LA

When you’re in the mood for bar hopping, South Los Angeles is the place to be. With some of the most popular bars in LA located in this neighborhood, you bet South LA is known for an exciting nightlife. Next time you’re planning on staying out till the sun is up, be sure to visit some of the bars listed below:

bus in LA neighborhood

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